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Weekend Scenes

I had my parents visiting me in London this weekend so here are a few pictures from my Instagram to show you what we got up to! They arrived Saturday morning so of course, the first thing I had to do was cook them brunch at ‘cafe Roz’ at my new home.

20140407 174751 Weekend Scenes

My home-cooked Shakshuka brunch for mum & dad. I love this spiced tomato egg dish and it’s very easy. Watch this space for the recipe // Going for a big walk exploring (and getting a little lost) in Hampstead Heath // Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath // Enjoying some tea and cakes at the cafe at Kenwood House in the park before walking back home.

20140407 174805 Weekend Scenes

Ready for dinner out in Notting Hill, wearing striped top from Oasis (now on sale -link!) with leather pencil skirt from ZARA // Beautiful decor and lighting at the Dock Kitchen // The Dock Kitchen by Stevie Parle is a great restaurant overlooking the Grand Union Canal in Ladbroke Grove, West London. The food was delicious and we had a lovely evening. Review and more photos to follow!

20140407 174756 Weekend Scenes

I’d heard about a Sunday’s Farmers Market in Queens Park (which is just around the corner from my house) so this weekend I decided to explore it with my parents.  Like father, like daughter; we both share a of love food so all the fresh produce and market stalls was a treat and great way to start the day! Mum and dad had coffee with fresh croissants for breakfast and I couldn’t resist a slightly naughtier breakfast roll with egg and a venison sausage from the Picks Organic Farm stall. Nom nom :)  The Queens Park Farmers Market is on every Sunday from 10am – 2pm. More information HERE.

20140407 174811 Weekend Scenes

On Sunday the annual famous Boat Race was on between Cambridge and Oxford. Seeing my mum is a keen rower she was rather excited to check out this race on the Thames // We headed out to Putney, stocked up on some freshly popped popcorn and drinks and secured our spot along the river to cheer on the rowers. The weather was quite windy and a bit rainy but it was great fun to see the all the excitement and many people celebrating such a big event.

20140407 211840 Weekend Scenes

After being outside for most of the afternoon we could do with some warming up, so the best way to do this was to going to a cosy pub for a Sunday Roast! We went to one of my favourite pubs in Notting Hill/Kensington which is the Windsor Castle. Their roast is always top-notch and their sticky toffee pudding…..YUM! // On Monday, I unfortunately had to go to work but mum & dad continued to explore  around London and checked out the National Gallery to see the Veronese exhibition – which they said was beautiful // We reunited again in the evening for dinner at Ottolenghi in Islington. Me & dad are both a little bit Ottolenghi obsessed so it was amazing to go to his flagship restaurant in London for dinner together. Of course a full (picture heavy) review filled with plenty of foodporn to follow!

What a great family & food filled weekend!

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A weekend in Jersey

Last weekend I went to Jersey (one of the Channel Islands) for one of my friend’s 30th birthday celebration. A group of about 30 of us all took the super speedy (40min) flight from London to Jersey for a weekend of food, drinks and good times!

On the Friday night we had a group welcome dinner at Pizza Express in St Brelade Bay which offers stunning views over the beach. Lots of pizza, lots of wine and great company made for a fantastic start to the weekend. On the Saturday (all feeling a little worse for wear after staying up dancing too late at our apartments) we ventured out to Plemont Beach for lunch and a walk along the beautiful beach. Here some photos from that day.

20140317 211850 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 211911 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 211922 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 211928 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 211944 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 212014 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 212035 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 212046 A weekend in Jersey

Jeans by ASOS (link) // Striped knit by Vera Moda // Coat by ZARA
Converse sneakers (link) // Mirrored sunglasses as seen here

20140321 072920 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 212058 A weekend in Jersey

Even though the beach had many warning sides saying ‘watch out for the incoming tide’ we still got massively caught out by the rapid incoming water! We got stuck on the rocks and had to climb our way back to the cafe which was pretty funny.

20140317 212102 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 212113 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 212120 A weekend in Jersey

All feeling a bit giggly and relieved that we didn’t get swept away by the sea, we got some bottles of rose at the cafe and enjoyed birthday cake while soaking up the wonderful (winter) sun. Feeling very happy and relaxed we then headed over to La Corbière (the extreme south-western point of Jersey in St Brelade) to see the beautiful sunset over the lighthouse.

20140317 212137 A weekend in Jersey 20140317 212622 A weekend in Jersey

It was such a fantastic day! But oh no, it didn’t end there – we then all got dressed up for dinner at the Crab Shack and partied into the wee hours of the morning to celebrate my friends birthday. You can see some pictures of the night if you follow me on Instagram @dutchessroz, but I really didn’t take many photos because I always find the best nights are when you are having too much fun to take pictures! Do you agree?

On Sunday morning we all slept in and then walked to St Aubin for lunch overlooking the harbour at The Boathouse. I surprised the birthday girl with some Slutty Brownies (recipe here) that I’d quickly whipped up that morning in the apartment (possibly still in a slight drunken state haha) but these brownies are pretty fail-proof (and SUPER delicious I might add) so they were a big hit with everyone.

All feeling tired and full we got on our planes back to London, maybe feeling not quite so ready for work and wishing we could have stayed in Jersey. I had the best time and thought Jersey was really beautiful and can’t wait to go back for another visit in summer. Because flights are pretty cheap and quick it makes for a lovely weekend destination from London. Have you been to Jersey before?

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Christmas Day Scenes

I hope you´ve all had a wonderful Christmas? I am back in London again after 5 days in the Netherlands to spend the holidays with my family. What I did during that time? Well, a bit of sleeping in, cooking, eating (lots and lots of eating), spending quality time my with family, walking on the beach, watching movies, blogging and generally just taking a bit of a break. It was lovely and just what I needed! Here are some photos from my Christmas Day at home.

20131228 000259 Christmas Day Scenes 20131228 000316 Christmas Day Scenes 20131228 000331 Christmas Day Scenes 20131228 000356 Christmas Day Scenes 20131228 000440 Christmas Day Scenes 20131228 000507 Christmas Day Scenes 20131228 000516 Christmas Day Scenes 20131228 000524 Christmas Day Scenes 20131228 000535 Christmas Day Scenes 20131229 162418 Christmas Day Scenes 20131229 162432 Christmas Day Scenes

As you can see lots and lots of delicious food and this continued almost every day while I was at home. I will feature some of these (delicious) cooking and baking recipes on the blog over the next few weeks, so watch this space! However after all this indulgent eating and drinking over the last few months, it means a health-kick is definitely needed in the New Year. So I have decided that in in January I am going to take part in Dry January. Yes that’s right, not a drop of alcohol for 31 days! But first……….New Years Eve!

I am not in London for long because tomorrow I am off to Wales for 3 nights to ring in 2014 in a castle. Yes, you read that correctly, a castle! Me and 11 friends have rented our very own 6 bedroom castle in Wales to celebrate New Years Eve and there will plenty more good food, drinks and fun and games to had. Very much looking forward to finish 2013 with one last blow-out haha! Have you got something fun planned for NYE?

See you in 2014!

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Istanbul Photo Diary

This is my photo diary from my time spent in Istanbul, Turkey last weekend. Istanbul has a population of nearly 14 million people so it’s easy to get  lost in this labyrinth of people and traffic madness and it definitely is a modern city with amazing restaurants, shops and trendy night clubs. But then at the same time it is very colourful and full of culture and old traditions. One of the main things I noticed was how modern and friendly the people in Istanbul were. Even though most people didn’t a lot of English, I always felt safe (even walking around alone at night) and the people were nothing but helpful and welcoming! I hope you like my Istanbul photo diary to give you an overview of my days in this dynamic city…

20131119 142804 Istanbul Photo Diary

20131122 000444 Istanbul Photo Diary One of many delicious (huge) Turkish Breakfasts; a separate post will follow about these!

20131119 142643 Istanbul Photo Diary

20131119 142653 Istanbul Photo Diary

20131119 142727 Istanbul Photo Diary

20131119 142733 Istanbul Photo Diary

This is a rather picture heavy post so click here to see the rest! (more…)

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A perfect Sunday..

On Sunday I had a wonderful day in East London with my two fellow blogger girlfriends; Hayley & Rory. We met up for brunch and explored the Columbia Road flower market! The sun was shining + good food + great company + flowers and pretty things = makes for a pretty perfect day :) Here some instragram pics of the day…

20130422 002657 A perfect Sunday..

When I arrived for brunch the girls already had a glass of mimosa waiting for me – now I couldn’t think of a better way to start my Sunday really! // Hayley & Rory loving the sunshine whilst enjoying our breakfast out on the pavement at Franze & Evans in Shoreditch // My breakfast; I had the Trecolore but without hollandaise sauce. I know most people love that stuff, but I just don’t like it! // In East London everything is just that little bit ‘cooler’ – so perfect opportunity to rock my studded black Topshop flats.

20130422 002704 A perfect Sunday..

Hayley and Rory are girls after my own heart, because after we’d finished our breakfast they were both just as keen as me for dessert! Inside at Franze & Evans they have a scrumdiddlyumptious looking deli counter stacked with a mouth watering display of cakes and treats. // It was very hard deciding what to have for dessert but the Banana Loaf with Salted Caramel just screamed “EAT ME” – so I did… // Our dessert selection; berry cheesecake, banana bread and one ginormous Anzac biscuit! // Hayley decided that the rule should be; cookies should always be at LEAST as big as your head. Yep, perfect!

20130422 002709 A perfect Sunday..

All full from brunch and high on sugar and coffee we walked to the Columbia Road flower market. This well known London flower market is open every Sunday from Sundays from 8am ’til 3pm(ish). The street is transformed into oasis of foliage and flowers. Everything from bedding plants to 10 foot banana trees are up for grabs. The air is intense with the scent of flowers and the chant of the barrow boys “Everthin’ a fiver”? // We loved browsing around the market buying flowers and little plants for our homes. A little tip?They start closing up around 3pm so if you want to pick up a bargain stay until the end; as the prices will get lower and lower!

20130422 002715 A perfect Sunday..

Happy girls with their flower and plant pot purchases! // Beside all the beautiful flowers, Columbia Road also has some lovely little independent shops. Small art galleries sit next to cup cake shops, vintage clothes stores, English and Italian delis, garden and antique shops. // I really loved the dark still life floral print and am still considering getting it!

20130422 0027201 A perfect Sunday..

After the markets had closed and we had all our purchases, we decided it was time for a refreshment stop. Ezra Street is a little side street of Columbia Road where people will sit around on the pavement listing to street musicians and sip beers, ciders or Prosecco! With ciders in hand we joined in and soaked up the last bits of sunshine for the day. // With the talented photographer Rory on hand I just couldn’t resist squeezing in a little photo shoot which caused a few giggles – more pictures to follow! // Feeling very Dutch when heading home on my bike with my orange tulips tied onto the back.

What a perfect day :)

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