Wedding weekend at Longleat House

Back in June I attended the wedding of two lovely friends in Wiltshire, which is in South West England. The ceremony was in a beautiful old chapel in the countryside and afterwards the celebrations continued on at Longleat House – which is one of the most stunning venues I’ve visited! We had the best day and evening so thought I’d share some photos I took (on my iPhone) that weekend. 

image9 Wedding weekend at Longleat House image Wedding weekend at Longleat House

I absolutely love the dress I wore that day. I wish I could say it’s mine, but it’s not – I borrowed it of a friend of mine. It’s a silk one shoulder gown by Zimmermann, one of my favourite Australian designers. They make the most beautiful dresses, perfect for weddings or for bridesmaids. 

image1 Wedding weekend at Longleat House image2 Wedding weekend at Longleat House image3 Wedding weekend at Longleat House image4 Wedding weekend at Longleat House

Navy silk one shoulder dress by Zimmermann // Nude clutch by Jones (similar style here) // Earrings are the Sabine Crystal Studs (link) by MaisonMiru as seen here // Wallace sunglasses by Bailey Nelson, as seen here //

350 Wedding weekend at Longleat House

Zimmermann don’t have any stores here in the UK (sad face) but you can shop online. Love some of these dresses, I want…

image6 Wedding weekend at Longleat House image12 Wedding weekend at Longleat House image13 Wedding weekend at Longleat House image7 Wedding weekend at Longleat House image8 Wedding weekend at Longleat House

Aren’t they the most good looking couple?

image10 Wedding weekend at Longleat House image11 Wedding weekend at Longleat House image5 Wedding weekend at Longleat House

We all had the best day celebrating their special day into the wee hours of the night! Wishing them both all the happiness in the world and a HUGE thank you for such an amazing weekend.

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Pursue it!

Mid-week again and therefore time for this week’s motivational quote!

0acbc3fb3addb740108700c4c9dd1fd7 Pursue it!
“If it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it!” – Erada.

So true! Hope you all have a Happy Hump Day.

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Moroccanoil Light Treatment

I’ve spoken about my love for Moroccanoil on the blog before (link) – it being my most holy grail hair product! I use the Moroccanoil treatment a lot, pretty much after every hair wash , every 3-4 days. It makes my hair feel super healthy, soft and shiny – it’s my hair’s best friend. I’ve always used the original Moroccanoil treatment which has worked brilliantly for me but did you know they also have a Moroccanoil Light version.?

Moroccanoil Light is perfect for finer and light coloured hair, still using the same formula of Argan Oil to strengthen, nourish and protect your hair.

image107 Moroccanoil Light Treatment

How to use it? Just apply a small drop to your hand, massage hands together to let the heat distribute the product and then apply with fingers to clean, towel-dried hair, from mid-length to ends. I then brush my hair and quickly  blast it with a blow dryer or let it dry naturally. Plus the Moroccanoil Light treatment can also be applied to dry hair to tame fly-aways or condition dry ends. And and not to forget that it smells oh so good!

image104 Moroccanoil Light Treatment image105 Moroccanoil Light Treatment image106 Moroccanoil Light Treatment

I also got some other Moroccanoil goodies recently. The Luminous Hairspray (strong) smells just as good as the Oil treatment and is lightweight but still gives your hair long-lasting, flexible hold without any sticky residue. Love using this hairspray after I’ve curled my hair with my GHD’s, by spraying it all over and lightly brushing it out to create soft but natural curls that last all day long.

I’ve been using the Moroccanoil Cleansing bar in the shower for the last week and it’s heavenly. It’s fragranced once again with that divine Moroccanoil scent, is paraben-free and combines antioxidant-rich argan oil and shea butter to moisturize as it cleanses.

I haven’t tried the Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask Light yet. It’s a 5 minute extra conditioning revival treatment to give your hair some extra tender, loving and care.  It says it should deeply hydrate and condition while dramatically improving hair’s texture, elasticity, shine and manageability. I can’t wait to give this a go soon!

Moroccanoil Treatment £31.85 (125ml) LINK  or 25ml for £13.45 LINK // Moroccanoil Light Treatment £31.85 (125ml) LINK or 25ml for £13.45 LINK // Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray £17.25 (330ml) LINK // Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask Light for £31.25 LINK

Have you tried any of the Moroccanoil products before?

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Brunch at Hally’s Parsons Green

Going out for brunch is probably one of my favourite past-times in the weekend, so I love finding out about new good places to visit. One of these new places I recently was told about is Hally’s Parsons Green. Hally’s opened in June 2013 on New Kings Road and says it’s a “A Californian-inspired hangout– all about innovative, fresh food, expertly-made coffee & a relaxed vibe.” So this long weekend I braved it through the rain and wind on my bike (and got soaked in the process) to meet some friends for brunch at Hally’s. I was told it was “epic” so as you can imagine I had high expectations.

Turns out a lot of people seem to think it is epic because there was a bit of a wait to get a table when we got there, but we were able to shelter from the rain inside and the staff was friendly in looking after us to get us a table as soon as possible. I love the casual, white and beach house style design of the café and don’t even get me started on those pastel paint-dipped vintage style chairs.

image102 Brunch at Hallys Parsons Green image100 Brunch at Hallys Parsons Green

Hally’s Parsons Green is open Monday to Sunday 8am to 6pm and during the week they serve breakfast daily from 8am and lunch from 12 to 4pm. However of course I was there for the main event that is their weekend brunch. Their (8am-4pm) brunch menu changes weekly is full of great dishes like; healthy granola, eggs benedict, american pancakes, smoked salmon with cream cheese and of course a full breakfast. We got coffee, fresh mint tea and fresh juices while we caught up and made our mind up on what to eat.

image89 Brunch at Hallys Parsons Green image90 Brunch at Hallys Parsons Green image91 Brunch at Hallys Parsons Green image101 Brunch at Hallys Parsons Green

In the end we all had the same food craving. Can you guess? Yep…. it was the avocado on sourdough with chilli, lemon and rocket that we all wanted. However we were hungry girls so we added some sides!

image92 Brunch at Hallys Parsons Green image95 Brunch at Hallys Parsons Green

….just to prove there was a-whole-lot of avocado underneath that rocket salad!

image93 Brunch at Hallys Parsons Green image94 Brunch at Hallys Parsons Green

Mine was with the poached eggs and chorizo. Amelia had the same but with bacon instead of chorizo and Krystle got her eggs scrambled and also with chorizo! The rocket salad on top of the avocado was really refreshing and we were all amazed by how orange the egg yolks were – think that means they are very organic/free range eggs which is nice!  We probably didn’t need all those extra sided but oh boy was it tasty :)

We had a fabulous time at Hally’s and think I will definitely be back to try some of the other dishes on the menu! Have you been to this little brunch/lunch gem in Parsons Green yet? Check it out – it’s epic ;)

60 New Kings Road
Parsons Green
London, SW6 4LS

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Aveda Challenge Naturally Straight & Be Curly

Remember me talking about the Aveda Challenge I was going to do to make my hair wonderfully smooth and straight and to make my friends hair fizz free and enhancing her natural waves and curls? Well we did it and the results are…..(drum roll)…..below! In this video we will talk about the products and show you how to apply them to get the best results.*

What do you think of our end results? Here some more comments and tips for when using the following Aveda products: Naturally Straight & Be Curly Enhancer.

image87 680x510 Aveda Challenge Naturally Straight & Be Curly

Aveda Smooth Infusion – Naturally Straight: Progressively loosens curls and fends off frizz to achieve a naturally straight style // Towel dry your hair // You only need a small amount // Thoroughly apply Naturally Straight styling creme in sections and blow dry. Use blow dryer with a nozzle to minimise fly aways and use a round brush to use the tension and the heat to stretch the hair to Flat iron if you wish (this would be if your hair is a lot curlier or wavier then mine) // After 5 consecutive applications of Naturally Straight, your hair will stay straight for up to 3 washes // My hair felt so smooth and straight and even throughout the day (in the summer heat) it stayed sleek, soft and not a kink in sight!

Aveda Be Curly – Curl Enhancer: Great for intensifying curls, taming frizz and boosting shine. Wheat protein blend expands when hair is wet and then retracts when hair is dry to lock in curls or waves // Apply Be Curly Curl Enhancer to towel-dried hair and begin to blow dry // Best results when using a diffuser // Don’t put blow dryer not the most powerful setting, blasting the hair won’t allow the curl to hold as well. Once the hair is completely dry, use a bit more product to finish the style and add some more definition to your frizz free curls // Tugce’s hair felt a lot more moisturised, looked healthy and had a more enhanced curls.

Are you interested to try these Aveda products? Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight (150ml/£21.50 RRP)  & Be Curly Curl Enhancer lotion (200ml/£17.50 RRP) are now available in your local Aveda Salon, Spa and Stores or online at

*Sponsored post

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