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How to: 1 Step Easy Gel Nails at home

I am a big fan of gel / shellac nails (as seen here and here) but getting your nails done at the nail salon regularly is not cheap. Even though gel nails have become more accessible in London in the last few years, with lots of simple local salons offering a full shellac/gel manicure for around £25 it still means it’s not something I get done all time because the cost does add up. But because they are so long lasting (1-2 weeks) it does make it rather tempting ;)

I’ve seen a few reviews and options for DIY Gel Nail at home kits and I was always very intrigued. So when I got the opportunity to review the Beauty Hair Chroma LED Lamp promising  1 Step Easy Gel Nails at home – I was like hell yes!

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Neon Nail Polish

When I was in Turkey my friend bought some cheap bright holiday nail polishes to do her toes and I ended up falling a bit in love with neon nail polish. I did my fingers in the neon yellow and my toes in a neon pink – so fun!

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Pastel Blue Nails with Bourjois Adora-Bleu

You may remember me mentioning a little while back (here) that I am loving anything pastel-coloured at the moment. So, when I was rummaging through my, rather large, nail polish collection recently and stumbled across this gorgeous pastel blue shade I was over the moon. I’ve had this Bourjois Adora-Bleu nail polish since April last year, when it launched as part of the Bourjois Rendez-vous a Paris Collection but had never really worn it. Until now that is and I absolutely adore it!


The Bourjois So-Laque polishes are great quality and for only £5.99 (available from Boots; link) quite the bargain. Adora-Bleu applies opaque with only 2 coats and has a smooth hi-shine finish. Bourjois Adora-Bleu is such a stunning shade for summer and even better it perfectly matches my little blue Topshop ballerinas (as seen here).

What do you think of my pastel blue nails; is this a shade you’ll rock this summer?

Ciate Red Hot Chili

I think GlossyBox is great for discovering new beauty products and I especially love it when the box contains a nail polish! A recent GlossyBox included this new beauty by Ciate (who offer lovely polishes – see previous reviews here and here). This is the shade ‘Red Hot Chili’ from their 2013 Suncatcher collection.


Ciate Red Hot Chili is a fiery and timeless red infused with subtle orange and coral undertones. Ciate Red Hot Chili (link) applies perfectly opaque in two coats and is the ideal fun red shade for summer. Do you agree that this shade will look gorgeous on tanned toes this summer?