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Kings Day Amsterdam 2014

Last weekend it was time again for pretty much my favourite day of the year! Celebrating Kings Day (previously known as Queens Day..) in Amsterdam. Every year, I (being the official ‘Dutchess’) organise a boat for about 35 friends to show them the way we dutchies party on our main national holiday. Even though there is quite a lot of organisation involved in this weekend – I do enjoy it and I love seeing everyone having such an amazing time and sharing the love for my home country.

We were blessed this year with a beautiful sunny day and (in orange – duh!) we partied the day away on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Here some fun photos from the amazing day that was our Kings Day Amsterdam 2014!

20140501 221019 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220503 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220536 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220543 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220553 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220619 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220634 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220646 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220658 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220729 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220750 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220757 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220822 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220833 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220845 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220919 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220939 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014 20140501 220953 Kings Day Amsterdam 2014

It seriously is the BEST day of the year and I think my friends now agree with me! Have you been to Amsterdam or experienced the fun orange madness on Kings /Queens Day before? I totally recommend it….

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My Easter weekend in the Cotswolds

Sorry for the radio silence on the blog at the moment. Work is so busy and have been spending a lot of hours at the office this week so unfortunately had no time to update the blog. Here quickly some photos from my long Easter weekend in the Cotswolds. There was 10 of us going so we rented two cars and drove to Thrupp (near Oxford) where we had rented a 5 bedroom cottage in the countryside.

20140420 144505 My Easter weekend in the Cotswolds

Pub lunch at the Royal Sun during the road trip. They had the most amazing freshly baked pies and curly fries // On arrival at the cottage we all got a little excited about the horses in the backyard! // Enjoying the spring sunshine in the garden over tea and homemade rocky road. // Tea soon escalated to prosecco and we feasted on lots of cheese into the night, catching up with each other.

20140420 144510 My Easter weekend in the Cotswolds

Saturday started with breakfast and a lovely walk along the canal near the house // After the walk it was tea time so I decided to whip up a big batch of my favourite (easy peasy) scones, recipe HERE. As always they went down a treat!

20140420 144514 My Easter weekend in the Cotswolds

The afternoon we chilled in the garden and then it was dinner prepping time // I was in charge of cooking a massive Easter Roast for everyone but luckily I had many little helpers in the kitchen which made it all good fun // Dinner was slow (5hrs) roasted leg of lamb (got this massive 3kg piece of meat from Provenance butchers in Notting Hill) – it was incredible with sweet potato gratin, beans and a kale salad. The sweet potato gratin is one of my new holy grail recipes at the moment – recipe to follow on the blog! It’s to die for, trust me! // It was my friend’s birthday on the Tuesday after Easter so we decided to surprise her with a birthday cake. Oh and yes she’s got the cake in her face because she dunked her face in it, why? Someone dared her to! Ha that’s why I love this girl :)

20140420 144518 My Easter weekend in the Cotswolds

 After dinner (and cake) we also had dessert which was my Hot Cross Bun Pudding (recipe HERE).  We actually didn’t eat that much of it because we were so full after our massive dinner, but we we re-heated some for breakfast and discovered it also makes a great breakfast pudding :) // After dinner the fun and games really begun with beer pong the boys vs the girls. It got very competitive! Who won? The girls of course…BOOM! That night we had our own little party at the cottage that went into the wee hours of the morning // After a long sleep in and some breakfast on Easter Sunday it was time for the Easter egg hunt. We had a huge amount of eggs and one of us was the Easter bunny and hid them all in the garden. It was such good fun and we all felt like little kids again running around like crazy to find them!

20140421 164839 My Easter weekend in the Cotswolds

Comparing our Easter Egg hunt finds!! I definitely ate WAY too much chocolate over this weekend. On a chocolate ban for May I think // I also made some nutella and hazelnut stuffed croissants (super easy cheat recipe here) which were delicious, love croissants fresh from the oven // Easter Sunday was mainly spent indoors (due to rain…and hangovers) and we watched DVD’s and continued to stuff our faces with chocolate. We managed to make it out of the house in the early evening, to the local pub for some drinks, food and a game of scrabble. Pub games are the best!

Monday morning it was time to head back to London and we all wish we could have stayed in the Cotswolds a bit longer. What a perfect Easter weekend. What did you get up to over Easter?

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End of an era….

Feeling a bit sad this morning. It is the end of an era at my lovely home in Notting Hill. The 2,5 years here have flown by and in that time I’ve met the most amazing people and I know I will look back at this period as some of the best times in my life! However change is part of life and so is growing up ;) So instead of being sad I will cherish the memories and am excited for this new chapter ahead!

20140222 083724 End of an era....

Moving is such a drag though! I spend all of yesterday packing and did a huge clear out of stuff but still have so much left. I also counted my shoes, shock horror, check my Instagram to see how many! Woooops! Wish me luck moving and see you on the other side ;)

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Life is happening now..

Sorry the blog has been a little more quiet recently; my day job and changes in my life have taken up a bit more of my time! For today’s midweek inspiration I love the reminder about following your dreams, taking risks and not being afraid to make changes because life is happening NOW!

19c6e2e61323d9052e06c6c55d226c4d Life is happening now..

One BIG change in my life at the moment is that I am moving house! Yes this weekend I will be leaving my lovely flat-share in Notting Hill for a new adventure in London – because I am going to move into a 1 bedroom apartment, all on my own.

Now, I have lived on my own before but for the last 3 years in London I’ve been in flat-shares. And as much as I have really enjoyed this, it’s time for a change again and I just really crave having a little place to call my home.  Even though I won’t be moving too far from where I live now (to Kilburn Park) I do have to admit that I will miss living right in Notting Hill. But because rent in London is pretty unaffordable (especially when paying it all on your own) I have to move a little bit further out. Luckily I have my big Dutch bike to get around everywhere quickly and most of my friends still live very close-by so I don’t think it will affect my lifestyle too much.

So yes at the moment my life is pretty hectic to get ready to move this weekend (wardrobe clear out very necessary…). And even though change can be a little scary sometimes, I am excited about my move because there is just no point in waiting and worrying about change, we may as well just take the risk and live our dreams! Life is happening now….

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Weekend scenes at the beach..

This weekend I was back home in the Netherlands to spend some quality time with my family. The reason for this particular visit however was rather special. Because about two weeks ago I officially became an aunty for the first time! My brother and his wife had a beautiful and healthy little boy and on Saturday I got to meet him for the first time. It was such a special moment to meet this new addition to our family. He’s so tiny and incredibly cute and it really made me realise how amazing the human body works to create this precious little person and how he looks so much like my brother already. I think I will be going home a bit more this year because I really don’t want to miss anything about this little boy growing up. I am definitely one proud aunty!

When I am at home, one of the things I always want to ensure I do is going for a walk or run on the beach (as seen here). My parents live about 5 minutes away from the coast so it’s lovely to get outside and to feel the wind blowing through my hair,   and letting all my worries & thoughts just disappear for a moment. The beach truly is my happy place…

20140204 223044 Weekend scenes at the beach.. 20140204 223052 Weekend scenes at the beach.. 20140204 223056 Weekend scenes at the beach.. 20140204 223102 Weekend scenes at the beach..

The beach + family = Home Sweet Home
What is your happy place? Happy Hump Day :)

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