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Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden

I’m a big fan of japanese food and especially sushi and yakitori. So when I found out about Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden, I knew that this restaurant would be right up my street. Sticks N Sushi originates from Denmark where it was founded 18 years ago by  two brothers, Jens and Kim Rahbek, and Thor Anderson. Taking inspiration from their half-Japanese and half-Danish background, they decided to fuse the two cuisines together. What they serve? Pretty much what it says on the box – Sticks (yakitori) and Sushi. The concept has been a roaring success because today there are ten Sticks’n’Sushi restaurants in Copenhagen and two in London, Covent Garden and Wimbledon.

I’d been meaning to visit Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden ever since it opened late last year but just never got round to it. But late is better then never, so finally a few weeks ago I met a friend for a catch up dinner at Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden.

image52 680x455 Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden image56 680x1015 Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden

The design and feel of the place is very trendy, classy and fun – I love the exposed brick and it oozes Nordic cool. Their menu offers lots of delicious cocktails if you’re up for a fun night out. Me and my friend however were having a bit more of a low key evening, so we decided on a refreshing green tea after a long day in the office. You can also never go wrong with edamame beans (very generous serving) covered in a spicy miso dip) to nibble on while you work out the menu.

image54 680x917 Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden

The menu at Sticks N Sushi is enormous. They have set menu / plates or the a la carte option so you can select whatever you fancy. The menu has photos of all the dishes, which is helpful so you know what you are ordering – but also slightly tempting because it all looks so good, making it very tricky to decide. We decided to go A La Carte and picked a selection of sticks to share and some rolls.

image58 680x1015 Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden image72 680x455 Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden

Gyu Filet – beef with herbed butter // Goats cheese with dried ham // Chicken and leeks in teriyaki // Miso marinated black cod // Salmon wrapped in pancetta with herbed butter // Scallop wrapped in pancetta with herbed butter. It’s hard to say which one I loved the most because I loved them all but true stand outs for me were the scallops, cod and goats cheese.

image57 680x455 Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden

Rolls wise we got Soft-shell crab in rice paper (YUM!) and a Rainbow roll (8 pieces) which contained Surimi, snow peas, salmon, tuna, halibut, shrimp, mayo, tobiko and avocado. I know this all might not look like a look of food but it was actually very filling!

We decided to pass on dessert (we were being so good!) but their four taster dessert which includes a chocolate fondant with caramel and hazelnut brittle sounded so decilious that I might have to go back to Sticks N Sushi soon to try it!

I really enjoyed Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden. The food was very good, the vibe fun and the service relaxed and friendly. They market Sticks N Sushi as ‘a sushi restaurants – even for those who don’t like fish’ and I think that’s very true - I just love the mix of sushi and skewers, it means there’s something on the menu for everyone. I think Sticks N Sushi would be make a great date restaurant and the perfect place to kick-start a fun night out with the girls. I for sure will be back and recommend you add it to your list of restaurants to visit.

Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden
11 Henrietta Street
London WC2E 8PY

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Do you like you?

Hello! I am back in London after an amazing holiday in Turkey. I’ll share some photos from my trip on the blog soon, but I definitely recommend adding Turkey to your holiday wish-list if you’ve never been before. It was a bit of a shock to the system to be back at work yesterday but luckily it’s hump day again already today so not long to go until the weekend. This week’s motivational message is all about loving your natural beauty inspired by Colbie Caillat!

All women becomelike their mothers.That 5 680x1020 Do you like you?

“Wait a second, Why should you care, what they think of you.
When you’re all alone, by yourself, do you like you? Do you like you?”

These quotes are from Colbie’s new single called ‘Try’. It’s a beautiful song about loving yourself and the video which sees her strip down to a makeup-free face, has hit more than 15 million views and counting. Colbie Caillat: “Women have been going through this daily struggle of covering up what we really look like for years now, with makeup, Photoshop, or feeling the need to wear less clothing to be sexy. God forbid we look normal and human ;)” Check out the inspiring video below!

I’m just loving this song at the moment and think she’s setting a great example for girls and women all over the world. As said recently by Colbie “we are not alone in our insecurities” and remember that you don’t have to change a single thing! Happy Hump Day everyone :)

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Ottolenghi’s Roasted Butternut Squash with Burnt Aubergine and Pomegranate Molasses

For my sister’s wedding back home recently, my dad and I were asked to do a lot of the food ‘catering’ for their casual reception. The theme of the food we made? Pretty much an Ottolenghi feast! Yep I pretty much have my whole family hooked on Ottolenghi’s food and his recipes get discussed and trailed all the time. This Roasted Butternut Squash with burnt aubergine and pomegranate molasses was one of my faves we made that day. Soft, sweet squash scattered with crunchy toasted seeds and nuts, accompanied by a smokey aubergine sauce is pure genius. The aubergine is charred until wrinkly and often bursting – the smoky flesh then scraped and combined with natural yoghurt, parsley, garlic, lemon juice and that sticky, fragrant molasses. Great sweet and sour flavours and contrasting textures

“Butternut squash has softer skin than other pumpkins and is therefore easier to prepare. For us it is almost a staple. Butternut’s mild sweetness and firm flesh make it suitable to go alongside most main courses, but also to serve on its own as a vegetarian centrepiece.” – Yotam Ottolenghi

image14 Ottolenghis Roasted Butternut Squash with Burnt Aubergine and Pomegranate Molasses image13 e1404765584590 Ottolenghis Roasted Butternut Squash with Burnt Aubergine and Pomegranate Molasses

Roasted Butternut Squash with Burnt Aubergine and Pomegranate Molasses

1 large butternut squash
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp green, unsalted pumpkin seeds
1 tbsp sunflower seeds
1 tbsp black sesame seeds
1 tsp nigella seeds
10g sliced almonds
basil leaves, to serve
sea salt, freshly ground black pepper

1 medium aubergine
150g Greek yoghurt (I used plain 0% Fage Greek yoghurt)
2 tbsp olive oil
1 1/2 tbsp pomegranate molasses
3 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp flat-leaf parsley, chopped
1 garlic clove, crushed

Preheat oven to 220C. Trim the top and the bottom of the pumpkin and cut in half lengthways. Scoop out the seeds and cut each half into 3cm wedges. Cut each wedge into pieces about 5-7cm long. Place the pumpkin wedges on a roasting tray lined with baking paper, brush each wedge with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. Roast for 30 minutes or until they feel just tender. Remove from the oven and let cool.

Reduce the oven temperature to 180C. Mix together all seeds and almonds and scatter on a roasting tray. Toast for 5-8 minutes or until slightly brown and fragrant (be careful not to burn them!)

For the sauce, either put the aubergine directly onto a gas hob flame, turning occasionally, for 10-15 minutes, until the skin is dried and cracked and the aubergine smells smoky. You can also do this by putting the aubergine under a hot grill. The aubergine often bursts I find, but this is fine. Just be careful not to lose that flesh! It needs to be very soft inside. Make a long cut through the aubergine and scoop the flesh from the aubergine and discard the skin. Drain the flesh in a colander for ten minutes, then chop roughly and combine with the yoghurt, oil, pomegranate molasses, lemon juice, garlic, parsley and season with extra salt and pepper if you wish.

Place the butternut on a serving plate, sprinkle with the seed mix, fresh basil leaves and serve with the aubergine sauce.

Recipe from Ottolenghi, The Cookbook (link)

image15 Ottolenghis Roasted Butternut Squash with Burnt Aubergine and Pomegranate Molasses image16 Ottolenghis Roasted Butternut Squash with Burnt Aubergine and Pomegranate Molasses

This recipe is one of Ottolenghi’s most simple ones and I urge you to try it! Whether you make this to enjoy at home (as a delicious main vegetarian meal or as a side dish) or bring it to a bbq/dinner party, this recipe works beautifully because the sauce can be made ahead of time and the squash can be served at room temperature.

The dip is also a real winner because it is so delicious that you will want to serve it with everything, from pita bread to crudités. Promise me you’ll try it?

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Italian Baked Eggs

One of the days when I was on holiday in Italy a few weeks back, turned out to be Father’s day! Now normally (seeing I haven’t lived in the same country as my parents for over 12 years) I can’t do much on this day – in person- to treat my dad, but as we were on holiday together I promised that I would cook breakfast in bed for him that day. My plan was to make Italian Baked Eggs (because when in Rome, uhh I mean Italy) as I’d seen on Pinterest. But I had to adapt my plans a little bit when I realised that our little Tuscan apartment didn’t have an oven.  But I didn’t let that throw me off and just made my Italian Baked Eggs on the stove which worked perfectly! It was a lovely day so instead of dad having breakfast in bed, we all enjoyed it together on the terrace. This is a great breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner recipe for a small group of people and is very easy to prepare. Let me show you how!

image17 680x624 Italian Baked Eggs image18 680x618 Italian Baked Eggs

Italian Baked Eggs

(serves 2-3)

Olive oil
1 can (330ml) of crushed or chopped tomatoes
5 large eggs
1 large onion
2 cloves of garlic
small bunch of fresh basil leaves
1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
and about 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Bread to serve


Finely chop the onion and garlic and saute with some olive oil in a large fry/skillet pan on medium heat until browned and soft. Add the can off chopped tomatoes, some salt & pepper, the shredded Parmesan cheese and some chopped basil leaves. Keep some of the leaves to throw on in the end. Then simmer this for about 5 minutes until the tomatoes have reduced into a slightly thicker (and amazing smelling) sauce. Now create some spaces in the sauce for your eggs. Crack them open and gently tip them into the sauce-gaps. Now cover with lid and allow the eggs the cook to your own runny-ness preference, I personally like my eggs to ooooze delicious yellow egg yolk! This would take about 5 minutes I say but keep an eye on them so they don’t overcook (or under cook for that matter). You’ll know when they are done if you just give them a little prod – the eggs whites should be solid and the egg yolk is allowed to jiggle a little! Just before you take them off the stove, sprinkle with the shredded Parmesan, shredded basil leaves and some more salt & pepper to season. Then serve immediately – I like to serve mine straight from the pan – with warm toasted bread for dipping!

image19 680x487 Italian Baked Eggs image20 680x877 Italian Baked Eggs

Yummmm! This recipe is actually quite similar to my favourite Shakshuka dish (recipe here) but then Italian style! Dad loved the breakfast and it was a great way to start our day in Tuscany. We headed out for sight seeing feeling full and happy :)

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No Carb Lunch – Broccoli Bread

After my pasta, bread and all things delicious ‘binge’ in Italy I decided to try and focus on being a bit more low-carb then usual for a few weeks. Just to get me back into a healthy balanced diet once again and feeling good. At the moment I am eating a large fruit salad with greek yoghurt for breakfast, salads or sashimi for lunch and for dinner a form of protein with loads of vegetables. You can read some of my favourite healthy low carb dinner examples here, here and here. I do this about 4-5 days a week and the other days I ‘cheat’ here and there to ensure I don’t go crazy ;) I love food too much to deny myself things all the time and that doesn’t work anyway – the 80/20 diet is the one and only ‘diet’ for me.

Anyway recently I discovered this great new lunch option in London called Plan Bread, who claim to offer the healthiest sandwiches in London. They basically create sandwiches with delicious fillings using UK’s lowest calorie, lowest carbohydrate bread which is made from broccoli! I know, carb-free broccoli bread sounds questionable, but this actually tastes absolutely amazing and it’s very filling.  Here are some of the sandwiches I ordered recently (£4.50 each and free delivery).

planbread 2 680x557 No Carb Lunch   Broccoli Bread planbread 3 680x808 No Carb Lunch   Broccoli Bread breadpics 1 680x656 No Carb Lunch   Broccoli Bread

So how do they make their broccoli bread? Well they don’t give their secret recipe away but this is what they say about their low-carb bread:

“The broccoli flour is the most important component. We take our broccoli florets we cook them for only a couple of minutes to retain as many nutrients as possible. These are then drained and carefully dehydrated to remove some of the water. The resulting broccoli florets are then combined with some gluten free fibre as well as some fresh herbs and milled to a flour. This flour is the main constituent of the bread. From this point we proceed in a similar way to a standard bread recipe but we omit yeast so that bloating problems are avoided. Air natural gets in the the mix during kneading and mixing. There is some added egg white and a small amount of soft cheese to boost the protein content and help with the texture and moisture. Hence the bread is not suitable for people who have intolerance or dietary preferences that include any of the ingredients mentioned. We then choose our sandwich fillings appropriately to compliment the broccoli bread.”

Pretty clever isn’t it? I have so far tried the Moroccan Falafel and Houmous, Smoked Salmon & Taramasalata, Shredded Beef & Soy Sauce and Roast Chicken & Bacon with guacamole sandwiches. All were super tasty and kept me full all afternoon! Check out their full range of sandwiches (incl. nutritional stats) HERE.

breadpics 3 680x906 No Carb Lunch   Broccoli Bread breadpics 2 680x906 No Carb Lunch   Broccoli Bread

For you London healthy people out there, I urge you to give this broccoli bread by Plan Bread a go! So if you want to try it – I can offer you a 20% discount on any order you place for the rest of July. All you need to do is go to, chose the sandwiches that you like and enter the promotional code dutchessroz at the checkout. I’m curious to know what you think of this new healthy lunch option! Do let me know :)

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