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Midweek day dreaming…

Does anyone else get this? I very often get to urge to totally change something, learn something new, just to reinvent myself and my life. Suppose there’s nothing wrong with a bit of day dreaming now and again right?  Happy Hump Day :)

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Sky High Yoga with a view at SkyGarden

Happy Hump Day everyone. I hope you’ve all had a good day so far? Well, my morning started rater bright and early for me (insert sleepy emoticon). My alarm shook me into awakeness at 5.15am which is about 2 hours earlier than my usual wake up call. The reason? A friend of mine had managed to convince me to join her a Sky High Yoga class at Sky Garden in the city! As much as it was a bit of a struggle getting out of bed so early I have to say it was a great way to start the my day. Set against the incredible backdrop of the city, we took part in a one hour sunrise yoga session! Here a quick snap I took at the end of the lesson and showing of the Sky Garden venue/view. We had also quick breakfast at the Darwin Brasserie after which was lovely! For more information or on how to book your Sunrise Sky High Yoga session click here. Tickets are £10 per person and are available for various dates until the end of September so don’t miss out for this unique opportunity!

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Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

“Single people want relationships, settled people wonder if they’re missing out on something, travelling types miss stability, stable ones are restless, old friends want new friends, new friends miss old friends, and basically everyone my age has some dangling worry trailing around after them that they’re somehow not doing everything, that what they’re doing is not altogether the right thing, that they are missing out….Do not be ashamed. The doubt is natural, and everone you know – yes even that person – carries it sometimes too. Allow yourself to be peaceful. Allow yourself satisfaction in what you have. And if you really don’t like it, allow yourself permission to make changes.”

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