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Ottolenghi SIMPLE Cookbook – Pappardelle with rose harissa, black olives and capers

I have been a fan of Ottolenghi’s food for such a long time, and my love for his recipes have been documented here on the blog many times. For some of my favourite go-to Ottolenghi recipes click here, here or here

Anyway, so when his latest cookbook SIMPLE launched last year, I, of course, was one of those keen beans that placed a pre-order straight away. I then finally got my hot little hands on it in September last year and I was bursting with excitement. I mean, Ottolenghi’s food but a simpler version of it? Yes, please!

The tag line for SIMPLE is “Everything you love about Ottolenghi, made simple.” The dishes in the cookbook are all SIMPLE in at least one (but very often more than one) way: 

S – short on time: less than 30 minutes 
I – 10 ingredients or less
M – make ahead
P – pantry 
L – lazy
E – easier than you think

Now, I have to admit that initially I was a bit disappointed and it took me months to actually cook something from SIMPLE. I think I had envisaged simple weeknight meals Ottolenghi style – but no that wasn’t quite the vibe of the book. Yes, it’s simpler (and fewer ingredients) than his previous books but I’d say it’s still not a 1-2-3 and voila dinner is on the table kind of book. So, I had it sitting on my bookshelf (getting a bit dusty) and it was a friend of mine who actually inspired me to pick it up again and try some of the recipes. And once I tried one recipe, oh boy was I sold! I am now slowly making my way through the book and am loving all the recipes so much.  

And now that I’ve tried a few, I have realised they were a bit easier than I originally thought but still (for me) more dinner party or sunday night kind of cooking – just so I have the time to prepare properly and treat myself to some of these delicious dishes. One of the recipes I wanted to share with you all was the ‘Pappardelle with rose harissa, black olives, and capers’.

It’s not your usual kind of Italian pasta because it’s a spicy, rich and a middle eastern twist on pasta but it’s so good. Oh, and you definitely need the yoghurt with it to balance all the flavours perfectly. I highly recommend making this and I’d love to know your thoughts once you’ve made it! 

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Homemade (Nut Free) Granola

My go-to breakfast during the week is usually a bowl of yoghurt with banana and granola. I’ve always loved making my own granola, instead of store-bought ones, because it allows you to control the amount of sugar and ingredients, while also changing things up and adding the flavours that you love. I’ve previously shared some granola recipes on the blog; like this tasty Honey Nut Granola, or this healthy Peanut Butter Granola.

When I started living with my boyfriend (now fiancé – still feels weird calling him that) I realised that, because he’s very allergic to all nuts, he never really ate granola. Store bought granola often contain nuts or have a strong ‘traces of nuts’ risk, so I thought I’m going to make a homemade granola that also he can enjoy!

This recipe is now my go-to and I make a new batch at least every two weeks. It’s super quick and easy, as it only takes 5 minutes to prep and then just 15 minutes in the oven. And, the house always smells soooo good afterwards. I hope you like this recipe and will give it a try. And trust me, once you try homemade granola, you won’t go back to store-bought granola. It’s so much better!

PS: If nuts aren’t an issue for you then, of course, feel free to add them to the recipe, just use them in place of or in combination with the seeds.

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Dutch Sausage Rolls

Dutch Style Sausage Rolls (Saucijzen Broodjes)

Wow, it’s been over 2,5 years since I’ve written anything on this blog. How time has flown by! I don’t really blog anymore and tend to mainly use Instagram @dutchessroz for sharing photos and stories around food, travel, and lifestyle. But I made these Dutch Sausage rolls the other day and my friend wanted the recipe so I thought, hmmm maybe I should just put it on my blog.

You may ask, what are Dutch Sausage rolls and what makes them different to any other sausage roll? Well in The Netherlands they are called ‘Saucijzen Broodjes’ and they are a popular snack that you can buy from any bakery, snack bar, most supermarkets, and train stations. They are served hot and are oh so delicious! What makes them different to any other sausage rolls is the spiced meat filling that probably originates from the Dutch being such big spice traders back in the day. Anyhow, without further ado, here is the recipe!

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Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Avocado, Blue Cheese and a Poppyseed Dressing

It’s summer, which means BBQ season so it’s vital to have a winning salad recipe in your repertoire. This Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Avocado, Blue Cheese and a Poppyseed Dressing is one of my summer-go-to salads to bring to a party or to serve as a simple but tasty side salad with some meat. You can throw it together in minutes and the mix of the sweet strawberries with the blue cheese and the refreshing dressing is a match made in heaven. Quick tip; if you’re taking this to a BBQ or party – just keep the dressing in a cup or container and pour it over the salad just before serving so the spinach doesn’t go all soggy!

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