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Perfect little summer dress 

I shared this picture of my new favourite summer dress on Instagram yesterday and you all seemed to like it so I thought I’d put it on the blog with details on where to get it! I found this perfect little summer dress on ASOS and they have it in a normal and tall version. Personally I always go for the Tall option on ASOS because I find their dresses super short. I mean I am not even that tall (1.74cm) but I like a dress to cover, well my bum haha.

This floral tea dress has a fun red ‘ditsy’ print; and I just love the ruffle sleeves and it has an (oeh la la) open tie back. Oh and did I mention it’s on sale for only £22! But one quick tip; I had to use some double sided tape to actually stick the ruffle sleeves to my shoulders, otherwise there’s a big chance over overexposing yourself. All the links to buy are below :)

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Off the shoulder

If there was one fashion trend that people couldn’t get enough of this this summer, it was the off the shoulder look. Slightly bohemian but also elegant, the off the shoulder made for the perfect beach-to-the-bar look and is the ideal mix of sexy meets sweet! I also rocked this trend this summer, here in italy in a bright red version from ChicWish.

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Hat Love

Hat’s are always a big trend for autumn and winter and I am a hat lover so that suits me just perfectly. When I was younger I had a real thing for hats and I had quite the collection – people always say I have a ‘hat face’ but then for a period I just found myself always buying hats, but never wearing them so I got rid of most of them. Um, why oh why did I think that was such a clever idea?! Anyway, I’ve rediscovered my love for hats and especially the rimmed kind; floppy, fedora, panama – you name it! I think a hat brings a cool vibe to any outfit. Here a photo of a recent hat purchase :)

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Fashion accessories must haves!

HELLO magazine asked a host of fashion bloggers to reveal their must-have accessories! I was honoured to participate and I didn’t have to think very long about my answer :) My must have accessory? Obviously a statement necklace! Because a statement necklace can brighten any simple outfit. You can read the full article to reveal the other bloggers accessories must haves HERE.

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