Shop with me

It’s a pretty well known fact that I love to shop. I am not sure you can officially call shopping a hobby, but it is definitely one of mine! There’s something about browsing the shops or online stores to find that perfect new dress to make your day! But I also love shopping just to get inspiration for styling items I already own plus to add items to my ever growing wish list. I am not to splurge on expensive fashion brands or must have designer pieces. Trust me, I’d LOVE to but, one: I don’t have the money for it and, two: my style changes from day to day so I prefer to buy cheaper on trend items that might not last years but give me lots enjoyment while it’s fashionable.

Some of my favourite shops are ZARA, Mango, French Connection, Topshop, H&M, Reiss, Sandro and of course the online shopping heaven that is ASOS.

My shopping lust list is never ending so on this page you can find my ‘currently loving’  items. Some pieces might be ones I have bought and love and others are just on the (ever growing) wish list. I will update this SHOPPING page regularly so ensure you check it every so often to find the latest inspiration for your own shopping wish list.

Happy Shopping!!