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Weekend Brunches – Formosina

Most people that know me, know that one of my favourite things to do in the weekend is going for brunch! I just love having a relaxing morning and then meeting friends between 11am-12.30pm (depending on what I’ve been up to the night before hehe) for lots of cups of tea and delicious food. When it comes to brunch food I am a big fan of poached eggs with mushrooms or smoked salmon but then again I also can’t resist a creamy honey banana porridge or fresh bread smothered with chocolate spread :)

In London I am always exploring new places for brunch and thought I might start sharing my favourite brunch hounds on the blog, I hope you like it!

This weekend me and a friend met up at my house in Notting Hill and walked over to neighbouring Maida Vale for brunch. We decided to try out the swanky looking eatery called ‘Formosina’.

This lovely little Maida Vale restaurant opened about 6 month’s ago and is owned and styled by Jacqui B, who also owns the interior design shop ‘Jacqui B’ down the road from the restaurant. I just love the funky interior of Formosina. It has a very high girly Kitsch factor due to the crystal chandeliers, white tables but most of all the awesome art work!

All the art work in Formosina is by the artist Maximillian Wiedemann. I seriously want one of those VOGUE canvasses for my house but doubt they are in my price range…

Food wise the menu had various breakfast and lunch options but me and my friend both craved porridge so we ordered that. It was served perfectly hot, thick, creamy and topped with fresh fruit and honey. It was absolutely delicious and filled our tummies in preparation for our morning walk along Regent’s canal to Regents Park. I will definitely come back to Formosina again to see what the rest of their food is like. I think this restaurant would also be a great venue for a fun girly evening dinner because the cocktails on the menu looked yum!

18 Formosa Street, London W9 2
Area: Maida Vale