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What’s next?

Hello people! Remember me? I know, I know….I haven’t blogged in like forever! It’s a mix of life just being too busy, losing a bit of motivation to blog (I am still pretty active on Instagram) and not really being sure anymore what my ‘niche’ is on this blog. I started this blog 7 years ago very much as a beauty blogger, and it then over time it became more about fashion and lifestyle with a big focus on food by adding my favourite recipes and recommending foodie places to visit. So now, what’s next…?

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10 Things About Me

You may notice that the blog has got a bit of a new look going on! You could call it a makeover, or a make-under for that matter because I actually decided to go for a more simple modern look this time around. It’s still a bit of a work in progress but I really like it and hope you do too? Thought I would start the new look blog with a random list of 10 things about me..

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Celebrate what you love!

People often ask me ‘do you write negative reviews on your blog’? And if you are a regular reader of Dutchess Roz you probably know the answer to this already being; not really! When I started this blog I made the conscious decision that I wanted it to be a positive experience, for myself and for my readers. Now this doesn’t mean that I would ever lie and write a positive review about a product or restaurant when I actually secretly hated it. No, it’s more that one of my philosophies in life is to “Celebrate what you love, rather than putting down what you hate!”


On this blog I want to mainly share my positive experiences, for example; that beauty product I can’t get enough of, talking about an amazing restaurant I went to,  my travel stories, motivating quotes, or blogging about a delicious recipe I think you should try! Of course this doesn’t mean I never have negative experiences. Often I will try products that I am not that impressed with, or I’ve been to restaurants were I thought the food or service wasn’t great. But I just decide not to share those moments on here, because instead of putting things down, I prefer to share the positive and celebrate what I love!

I do pinky-promise that whatever I write on my blog is always my honest opinion! I have for example blogged before about certain products or places that I felt were over-hyped for what they were, but in general I tend to mainly share about what I truly enjoyed and loved. There are plenty of other beauty, food and lifestyle blogs out there that will give you more detailed reviews including negative reviews and I think that’s great, because I personally find them very helpful when deciding on products to buy or places to go. But this is just the way I am, I prefer to spread joy and positiveness! :)

What do you think of my ‘Celebrate what you love’ philosophy? Happy Hump Day!

Such a thing as too many statement necklaces?

I think a girl can never have too many statement necklaces. Well….I’m currently totally hooked on them that’s for sure. I got this new goodie at H&M recently for only £14 and I think it just jazzes up any simple outfit. Think a little black dress, a colourful top with jeans or just like this with your favourite chambray shirt!

I love the brass/gold chain with the big diamond pieces. It gives it an edgy look!

These are some other statement necklaces I am loving at the moment. So pretty!
Like I said, a girl can never have too many statement necklaces right?