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Homemade (Nut Free) Granola

My go-to breakfast during the week is usually a bowl of yoghurt with banana and granola. I’ve always loved making my own granola, instead of store-bought ones, because it allows you to control the amount of sugar and ingredients, while also changing things up and adding the flavours that you love. I’ve previously shared some granola recipes on the blog; like this tasty Honey Nut Granola, or this healthy Peanut Butter Granola.

When I started living with my boyfriend (now fiancé – still feels weird calling him that) I realised that, because he’s very allergic to all nuts, he never really ate granola. Store bought granola often contain nuts or have a strong ‘traces of nuts’ risk, so I thought I’m going to make a homemade granola that also he can enjoy!

This recipe is now my go-to and I make a new batch at least every two weeks. It’s super quick and easy, as it only takes 5 minutes to prep and then just 15 minutes in the oven. And, the house always smells soooo good afterwards. I hope you like this recipe and will give it a try. And trust me, once you try homemade granola, you won’t go back to store-bought granola. It’s so much better!

PS: If nuts aren’t an issue for you then, of course, feel free to add them to the recipe, just use them in place of or in combination with the seeds.

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Healthy cooking with Mindful Chef 

Now, if you are a regular follower of my blog, then it’s no surprise that I am into a little thing called; FOOD! And because I love food so much I really try to enjoy it and live by the 80/20 diet for most of the time. This way, I don’t restrict myself, get to enjoy the foods I love, while still maintaining a healthy routine and ‘diet’. I already cook pretty healthy for myself most of the time but do admit that my weekly recipes are getting a little boring. I mean by the time I finish work, have done my workout (I am obsessed with Classpass these days) and I bike home it’s usually 8-8.30pm so by then my brain can’t focus too much on cooking up anything special. It’s often stir frys, protein and veg or salads. Anything quick and easy really but I do try and cook things from scratch and not using any processed / ready made meals as I think clean eating is definitely so much better for your body.

Now, I recently came across The Mindful Chef on instagram and was instantly hooked on the way their food looked! They basically are a recipe box service where their chefs create delicious healthy recipes using seasonal ingredients. They also don’t contain pasta, white rice or bread. They then source all the ingredients you need for these recipes and pre-measure them into exact quantities needed and deliver it to you for free at your home or office – goodby (dangerous) supermarket visits on a hungry stomach after work!

All sounds pretty good right? So I decided to trial healthy cooking with Mindful Chef for a week, let’s see how I got on :)

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Brunch recipe: Bill Granger’s Sweet Corn Fritters with avocado salsa and chorizo

Sweetcorn fritters are a staple on brunch menus (especially in most of my favourite Australia and Kiwi cafes here in London) and so they should be, because they are delicious and pretty healthy little pancakes full of sunshine. Did you know they are actually pretty easy to make at home, so they make are a great option for brunch or dinner (see an older recipe from me here) and people always love them! One of my favourite brunch spots in London is Bill Granger’s restaurant, Granger & Co, and they serve the most delicious corn fritters there so I wanted to recreate this at home recently when my parents came to visit. At Granger they serve them with avocado salsa, roast tomatoes and bacon but I decided to swap the bacon for chorizo – just because I am obsessed with the stuff! 

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Eggvocado Recipe

Eggvocado you might ask?! Well, eggvocado is something I’ve seen floating around the internet and have been keen to try for myself.  Turns out, it makes for a delicious, healthy and different breakfast or brunch dish. Eggvocado is pretty much what it sounds like; an egg + avocado but the basics of it is that you bake the egg inside a slightly hollowed out avocado. Clever huh? So, I made this little treat of a breakfast for Father’s Day the other weekend and it sure was a hit! 

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