Perfect little summer dress 

I shared this picture of my new favourite summer dress on Instagram yesterday and you all seemed to like it so I thought I’d put it on the blog with details on where to get it! I found this perfect little summer dress on ASOS and they have it in a normal and tall version. Personally I always go for the Tall option on ASOS because I find their dresses super short. I mean I am not even that tall (1.74cm) but I like a dress to cover, well my bum haha.

This floral tea dress has a fun red ‘ditsy’ print; and I just love the ruffle sleeves and it has an (oeh la la) open tie back. Oh and did I mention it’s on sale for only £22! But one quick tip; I had to use some double sided tape to actually stick the ruffle sleeves to my shoulders, otherwise there’s a big chance over overexposing yourself. All the links to buy are below :)

Influence Floral Tea Dress in Ditsy Print:  tall version (link)  and normal version (link). Oh and it’s also available in a light blue colour if that’s more your thing: Tall version (link) and normal version (link)

PS: Did you notice I’ve cut my hair shorter again? I went for another chop; this time at Samantha Cusick London. The talented and lovely Konstantinos did a great job and I love my shorter and sassy look. Do you?

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  1. Beautiful dress!!