What’s next?

Hello people! Remember me? I know, I know….I haven’t blogged in like forever! It’s a mix of life just being too busy, losing a bit of motivation to blog (I am still pretty active on Instagram) and not really being sure anymore what my ‘niche’ is on this blog. I started this blog 7 years ago very much as a beauty blogger, and it then over time it became more about fashion and lifestyle with a big focus on food by adding my favourite recipes and recommending foodie places to visit. So now, what’s next…?

Well, I think my passion for beauty blogging has faded. I mean I still am obsessed with trying every new lipstick or eyeshadow on the market, but I just don’t feel the need to talk about it on here anymore and my days of posting “smokey eye FOTD’s” are definitely behind me. Fashion? Yes another love of mine but I also don’t consider myself a true fashion blogger. The landscape of fashion blogging has changed so much in the last 5 years and people are just so more professional with their approach and style that this is not something I want or have time to ‘compete’ with. I also realised that as much as I loved blogging I actually didn’t want the main focus of my blog to be so much around me; as in my face, my clothes etc. I prefer to be snapping pictures of food and other things that catch my eye rather than me being the subject of the photos. Plus I am no model and I have no inspiration to be one.

Food on the other hand is still a big part of my life. I love cooking it, eating it and…? taking photos of it! With photography being another big love of mine I think the natural thing would be to focus more on food and lifestyle posts but if I am really honest, I still haven’t quite figured it all out yet on where to take my blog…


So, if you have any comments, feedback or suggestions then I’d love to hear them! And in the mean time please just bear with me while I work out my online journey and see what’s next for dutchessroz.com. You can however keep up with me and follow me on Instagram or Pinterest (two of my main social obsessions these days!) Thanks, xx Roz

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  1. Go with the flow Roz, what ever takes your fancy!

    John L

    • Just for the record, I always liked your fashion posts! but your food posts and lifestyle are great, too!
      Looking forward to see how this new direction looks like on your blog.

      • Roz

        Thanks Kate! I will try and do a bit more fashion on instagram but really appreciate the following and support :)

    • Roz

      Thanks John! :)

  2. Jen

    Lovely to see you pop in my feed! I can very much relate. Not been quite feeling the buzz of blogging for a while now and I think you might have hit the nail on the head. I’m still as excited to try new products, I just don’t feel the need to write about them as much?! I think take your blog in whatever direction feels right – I’ll def still be hear to read (and salivate over the food pics!) x

    • Roz

      Ahhh so nice to hear from you Jen! Yes think the blogging world has changed so much as has left me a little unsure of where to take it. I suppose you evolve in life so it’s logical for your blog to do the same. Thanks for your ongoing support. Would be lovely to catch up sometime soon! xx

  3. Jen

    *here not hear! DOH!

  4. A

    Long-time reader here, first-time commenter! I’m so happy to see a new post here at last! Whatever direction you choose, don’t stop blogging because you’re pretty damn good at writing :) Also, your food posts always make my mouth water, so don’t you dare stop posting! ;)

    • Roz

      Ah that’s so sweet! thanks for the comment – it means a lot :)

  5. Amy

    Hey Roz

    Your blog is always one of my favourites because it’s a true mish-mash of random musings with a real personal touch which I just love. Looking forward to what you continue to post!

    Amy x

  6. It was so great to have an email from you come through! But seriously, no pressure! ;)

    I’ve really enjoyed following you over the past number of years – you got me experimenting with makeup (though I lacked the perseverance and am back to just BB cream, mascara and maybe some eye liner – and still, that’s not every day!).

    I really love your food posts though – so much of my ‘to-make’ list is full of recipes I’ve got from here or your pinterest! I’ve also loved reading your places in London blogs – while I’m no longer there it gives me a bunch of places to recommend to friends living there, or places to try when I do visit! And of course, seeing your ones of the Netherlands are now also really neat :D

    But indeed, I understand time pressures and uncertainties. Don’t feel like you have to compete with others or keep doing something for the sake of everyone else, just do what makes you happy and what you want to do (these words strangely feel like a repeat of the positive posts you share, but I do mean them!) – you’ve been an amazing blogger to follow and with the type of person you are, I’m sure you’ve attracted a very understanding audience that would support whatever decision you decide to go with x

    • Roz

      Ahhhhhh Anne what a lovely post! It really is so kind and thoughtful. Youve given me a new boost to get inspired. Thank you so much xx

  7. Hey Roz,

    I love your style and would love to see clothes purchases and how you would style things. I think you’re right about beauty and make up, think it has been done to much by ppl using freebies they wouldn’t even buy to rake in ££.

    Love your casual style!!