Healthy cooking with Mindful Chef 

Now, if you are a regular follower of my blog, then it’s no surprise that I am into a little thing called; FOOD! And because I love food so much I really try to enjoy it and live by the 80/20 diet for most of the time. This way, I don’t restrict myself, get to enjoy the foods I love, while still maintaining a healthy routine and ‘diet’. I already cook pretty healthy for myself most of the time but do admit that my weekly recipes are getting a little boring. I mean by the time I finish work, have done my workout (I am obsessed with Classpass these days) and I bike home it’s usually 8-8.30pm so by then my brain can’t focus too much on cooking up anything special. It’s often stir frys, protein and veg or salads. Anything quick and easy really but I do try and cook things from scratch and not using any processed / ready made meals as I think clean eating is definitely so much better for your body.

Now, I recently came across The Mindful Chef on instagram and was instantly hooked on the way their food looked! They basically are a recipe box service where their chefs create delicious healthy recipes using seasonal ingredients. They also don’t contain pasta, white rice or bread. They then source all the ingredients you need for these recipes and pre-measure them into exact quantities needed and deliver it to you for free at your home or office – goodby (dangerous) supermarket visits on a hungry stomach after work!

All sounds pretty good right? So I decided to trial healthy cooking with Mindful Chef for a week, let’s see how I got on :)

On Sunday afternoon a friendly delivery guy showed up at my house with a box full of goodies. Mindful Chef offer two time slots for deliveries; Sunday (if you live within the M25) between 4-8pm and Monday between 9am-5pm. So you can decide either on having it delivered at home or at the office – making it hassle free for you.

The box contains food for 3 days and is all packaged in brown paper bags by recipe; Fish, Pork and Beef. The meat is all packaged in ice so it will stay fresh even if you have it delivered are not able to put it in your fridge for a few hours (see, they’ve thought of it all!).

My 3 healthy recipes for the week were: Mediterranean cod with millet tabbouleh, Spiced pork fajita baby gem wraps with sweet potato fries and Aubergine, courgette and beef lasagna with rocket. I was a bit worried that all the recipes included the oven (which normally doesn’t get much action during the week at my place) and that it would take much longer to cook these meals and when I get home this late from the gym, I tend to be pretty hangry haha. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Yes their recipes take about 20-30min to cook but it’s so simple – and even fun – with the pre measured ingredients that it’s a whizz to cook up a more exciting meal than my standard stir fry.

I loved this Cod dish! I had never had millet before, which is a lot like couscous, and it was super fast and so filling. I will definitely make this again sometime. Another favourite was the Aubergine, courgette and beef lasagna. This is quite similar to a regular healthy meal of mine (Spaghetti Bolognese with Zucchini Noodles) but then in lasagna form. Easy to do and looked rather impressive – I mean I was impressed, are you?! :)

No photos of the pork dish sorry – my phone had died and I was just too hungry but it was very tasty. Overall I loved the Mindful Chef experience and I am definitely looking to sign up for this long subscription. It’s £24 for 3 days which means £7 a meal which is actually very good value for money and it was so fun to cook something different and the recipes are all ones I would definitely cook again. I would like to see a few more lower carb recipes thrown into their options however as I don’t tend to eat as many carbs at dinner normally but it was very good and super filling which meant I didn’t feel the need for any ‘dessert’ like some yoghurt or fruit post dinner.

Would you like to try Mindful Chef? Well then use my special discount code: DUTCHESSROZ50 for 50% off your first order! Sign up and create your account here. I’d love to hear how you got on. Happy healthy cooking everyone :)

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