New hair – the lob! 

I finally did it….I got the chop! I’ve had my hair pretty much long and the same for the last 10 years – aside from repeatedly cutting a fringe and growing it out again. Pretty boring I know but because my hair grows really slowly I’ve always had a huge fear of cutting it off. Every trip to the hairdresser (which I only did about twice a year) was scary even though I told them very strictly they could only trim the end….no I mean it dude, only this much (showing not even a cm with my fingers)! Silly I know but hey some people fear the dentist and I fear the hairdresser ;)

But I did always have hair envy, I loved the lob look and was always pinning pictures of it on Pinterest but I just never had the guts to go through with it. Until two weeks ago…I just decided it was time for a change and booked in an appointment with a hairdresser. When making such a drastic (well for me anyway) change I wanted someone I could trust so I went to see the brilliant Reece at Neville Hair & Beauty in Knightsbridge! He’s a master at the lob and the only man I’d trust for the job!

I asked for a collarbone length lob – which is a popular abbreviation of the word long lob, incase you were wondering – and wanted a textured cut so it would look good  curly and also have a bit of fun and edge to it! Here a before and after shot so you can see the end result…

As he was cutting I was pretty scared but knew I should trust him and I am so glad I did. I love it so much and now feel silly I didn’t do it sooner. I feel so much fresher, lighter and fun with this haircut! Bye bye long hair – I am in love with my new lob hair style.

I’ve been experimenting with different curling / waving methods, products and styles to wear my new haircut! What do you think of my new hair, and would you like to hear with what and how I style my lob? Let me know in the comments :)

6 Responses

  1. Hair tutorial please :)

  2. Where are your sunglasses from in ‘The Lob’ haircut photo? Love them!

    • Roz

      Hey Stacy! They are from Bailey Nelson ( and they are the Pablos :)

  3. Looks SO much better shorter-more sophisticated, sleeker , more attitude , more fun! All this ‘more’ because of less (hair) !!!! Well done

    • Roz

      Thanks Julie!!

  4. That cut looks so good on you! I have a similar cut and I straighten it or put it up every day so I would love a tutorial!