Ostuni Restaurant in Queens Park – Cucina Pugliese

I’ve got a new local favourite and I just can’t stop talking to people about it, so it’s probably about time I told you guys all about it. Let me introduce you to Queens Park best kept secret; Ostuni Restaurant! I think Ostuni has actually been about a 5 minute walk from my house ever since I moved to the area about 1,5 years ago but it was one of those places people told me about and said; you need to go. And then for some reason I just never did. Until I actually did, and loved it so much that I can’t stop going there again, and again, and again!

Ostuni is pretty much London’s first restaurant dedicated to the cuisine and wines of Puglia. Puglia is a region in the in boot of Italy, known for some of the best food you can think of; simple and full of flavour. There’s pasta, seafood, meat and lets not forget cheese; for example Burrata which originates from Puglia. Have I mentioned before btw that I am slightly obsessed with Burrata? It’s DELICIOUS! Anyway, where was I? Oh yes Ostuni Restaurant is located in a lovely quiet mews off Salusbury Road and the interior is very rustic, cosy but also modern. They have a great leafy terrace outside and when I am there I always feel a bit like I am actually in Italy on holiday!

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Another thing about Ostuni is the friendly and smiley staff. Erik, one of the team there always makes you laugh and feel right at home. He will recommend dishes or pretty much tell you just to order both (when you’re trying to decide between two) because you know that’s what you really want to do anyway! I always start my dinner at Ostuni with a bottle of rose wine and some Antipasti to share.

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Some of my must-order items is the Burrata from Andria(duh), the Calamari & zucchini, ella di Cerignola olives, Baked aubergine Salentina and some more Zucchini fritti because they are just so damn delicious!

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Looks pretty good doesn’t it? Now onto mains. It’s always a struggle to try and decide what to order but on this particular night we got; the chilli & garlic butterfly king prawns, pasta foglia d’ulivo with burrata, cardoncelli mushrooms & truffle, the seafood calamarata, a shaved white asparagus, celeriac, black radish salad with pomegranate, pecorino & truffle oil and some meaty goodness with the arrosto Pugliese; Pork & provolone bombette, bombetta cardoncello and lamb neck fillet!

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The pasta at Ostuni Restaurant is just outstanding, I mean just look at those truffle shavings on that foglia d’ulivo dish; yum! I’ve tried quite a few dishes at Ostuni now and nothing has yet been a disappointment, so you can’t really go wrong :)

Not that we really needed it, but we decided to get some dessert to finish off our wonderful evening anyway! Whenever there is a (good) chocolate fondant on the menu I just can’t say no, so this was my obvious dessert choice. My parents went for an espresso martini and a Sgroppino which is a lemon sorbet with prosecco & vodka! My mum had never had an espresso martini before and she’d heard me talk about them so she was keen to try it out. It’s kind of like dessert right? ;) Turns out she’s now as much of a fan of espresso martinis as me haha!

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Full and very happy we walked back to my house, leaving beautiful Ostuni behind us. I took my parents here recently because 1) it’s my new local favourite and 2) we’re off to Puglia on holiday together in September – so it’s clear to say we are now all very much looking forward to enjoying plenty of Puglian cuisine during this trip!


I know Queenspark might not be everyone’s local area but if you’re ever in the area I would definitely recommend lunch or dinner at Ostuni restaurant! Oh and they take bookings which is always huge plus in my books. Ostuni Restaurant, you’ve captured my heart and tummy and I most likely will be back again very soon :)

Ostuni Restaurant
43-45 Lonsdale Road
London, NW6 6RA

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