Hat Love

Hat’s are always a big trend for autumn and winter and I am a hat lover so that suits me just perfectly. When I was younger I had a real thing for hats and I had quite the collection – people always say I have a ‘hat face’ but then for a period I just found myself always buying hats, but never wearing them so I got rid of most of them. Um, why oh why did I think that was such a clever idea?! Anyway, I’ve rediscovered my love for hats and especially the rimmed kind; floppy, fedora, panama – you name it! I think a hat brings a cool vibe to any outfit. Here a photo of a recent hat purchase :)


My hat was from H&M (link) or see below for more autumn hat inspiration.

This outfit was from the weekend when I met some friends at Borough Market for an afternoon of fun and food. Oh how I love that place! We started with some prosecco and fresh oysters from one of the market stalls, then explored the market (my favourite past time – food sampling hehe) and then settled at the Shuck London pop-up for more bubbles and oysters!

IMG_4593 IMG_4621 IMG_4642 IMG_4645 IMG_4638 IMG_4643

Oh and those donuts are from the Bread Ahead stall at the market…they were our dessert. And they are the bomb-diggity, omg so good! They do various flavours and are alre delicious. My request would be for a peanut butter one, c’mon pretty please? If you live in London or are planning a visit, I can definitely recommend an afternoon at Borough Markets! It’s a foodie heaven and just general food fun. Have you been before?

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