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For my job I am spending quite a bit of time these days in Putney in South West London. Putney is a lovely area near the river but when it comes to lunch time food options it’s a bit limited. However, recently I discovered a new little gem in the area; Retreat Cafe on Upper Richmond Rd. Retreat Cafe is a vegetarian cafe with loads of healthy and vegan or gluten free options. It’s small but cosy, the staff is super friendly and it is part of @thehouseofyoga which is Putney’s first Hot Yoga studio!

“At Retreat Café we believe in wholesome nourishment. Food that promotes health without a whiff of rabbit food. Our products are virtuous in every sense of the word. Healthy never tasted so good! All of our products are home-made and carefully formulated by our very own qualified Naturopath, chef and founder, Kimberly Parsons. Absolutely everything on our menu is gluten free, refined sugar free & tastes great!”

Retreat Cafe also has a branch in Soho at Kingly Court so for you more central peeps, go check them out for your health fix. Since discovering them this week I’ve been there twice already for their Avocado on Spelt Toast with rocket and seeds. It’s simple but oh so delicious! Avocado on toast is pretty hard to beat right? [obsessed]

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So yeah, lunch time in Putney has definitely improved now that the Retreat Cafe is in my life. Hallelujah ;) Oh and they sell this delicious gluten free granola that I’ve had for breakfast at home this week and it’s so moorish that I actually had eaten half of of the tub by the time I got home!

Retreat Cafe
228 Upper Richmond Rd,
Putney, London, SW15 6TG
Follow them on Instagram @retreatcafe

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  1. I’ve never seen this when I’ve been in the area…definitely bookmarking, looks great!

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