Getting Beach Ready with Bootcamp Pilates

The last month for me has been about getting healthy! Summer is not far away now so I thought I better kick myself into shape so I feel healthy and good. After indulging a bit too much this winter I definitely was feeling a little bit more ‘padded’ than usual… So time to fix it & embrace the 80/20 diet again by healthy eating, limiting alcohol to weekends only and getting myself into a fitness routine!

I have always liked doing the occasional reformer pilates classes to tone up so when one of my friends mentioned she does the Bootcamp Pilates Beach Body package every year, I thought I’d join her to get my bikini ready. The package includes 16 classes to use in six weeks which means you have to do about 3 classes a week to ensure you get the best results.

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“Bootcamp Pilates is a fun, results-driven way to improve your shape, tone and posture. Set up in 2005, and now in its 9th year, Bootcamp Pilates has four studios throughout London: Richmond, Fulham, Notting Hill and the City. Based on Joseph Pilates’ principles of 100 years ago, the Reformer machine is designed to use a system of springs, straps and pulleys all of which work together to provide an effective, non-impact stretching and toning workout.”

Classes last for 1 hour and are guided by fully qualified and helpful instructors to motivate you and encourage you to ensure the exercises are performed properly. I have been doing 2-3 classes a week for the last 3 weeks and am feeling SO much better already. My body is really starting to feel and look more toned and trim. The classes are not cardio based so it’s more toning and strength training but trust me you’ll definitely feel the burn and start seeing results of a leaner you if you stick to it and embrace the burn and workouts :)


I love how every class and instructor is different. Sometimes you use mainly the machine, where other days you might focus on using dumbbells or certain areas of the body. I shouldn’t really have favourites but hey most of us do right.My top instructors are Olivia Stuckey and Zee Filho in Notting Hill and Nadine in Fulham. Everyone seems to have different preferences though so it’s about trying a few different people to get into your own routine.

Have you tried Reformed Pilates before? Check out more about Bootcamp Pilates at Price of one class is from £21 and a package of 5 classes starts from £95.

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  1. I adore Reformer Pilates. I go to a studio near home once or sometimes twice a week. It’s my favourite of all the classes. Pilates is such a great activity for strength, flexibility and core.
    The Beauty Bloss

  2. I’ve really been getting into pilates and its such a great way of getting into shape. I like the sound of the bootcamp pilates. I’ll definitely have to try it out.