Poached Eggs with Chilli Avocado & Pancetta

If you read my blog and follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed by now that I suffer from a pretty serious addiction to poached eggs and avocado! When I go out for brunch, it is normally the dish I have to pick from the menu. To me there’s not much better on the planet than a perfectly poached (runny) egg on toasted bread with a good dollop of avocado! But you don’t have to go out to have this for breakfast, because did you know it’s actually very easy to make this popular cafe style brunch dish at home? Let me show you how!


First up, let’s talk AVOCADO! There’s so many ways to smash up avocado on toast (see some delicious examples HERE) but my personal favourite would have to be the simple combination of avocado with chilli flakes with a few sprinkles of sea salt and freshly grated pepper, followed by a quick spritz of lime! Here’s the basic recipe.

Chilli Avocado

Serves 2
1 perfectly ripe avocado
1 pinch of sea salt
1 pinch of dried chilli flakes
1 slice of lime

Separate the avocado by slicing lengthwise all the way around; twist to separate, and then remove and discard the pit. Scoop the avocado out of the skin into a bowl. Sprinkle on salt and chilli flakes, then spritz with one slice of a juicy lime. Mash with a fork (mash well to create a smooth spread, or mash just a few times to create a chunky spread).


Chilli Avocado on toast is super delicious on it’s own but I think it’s even better with a poached egg and some crispy salty panchetta on top! Poaching eggs can seem daunting but it’s actually not that hard (once you get the hang of it). What I do;

  • Fill a (deep) frying pan or pot with boiling water from the kettle. Bring it to a light simmer over a medium heat, add a pinch of sea salt and a splash of vinegar (if you prefer) which will help to bind the egg.
  • When the water is boiling, swirl the water around with a spoon to create a vortex. Now crack one egg above the pot and carefully pour it into the water in one fluid movement. Repeat with the rest of the eggs. You’ll see them begin to cook immediately – don’t worry if the edges look a little scruffy.
  • Depending on your pan, a really soft poached egg should take around 2 minutes and a soft to firm one will need 4 minutes (it depends on the size of the eggs and whether you’re using them straight from the fridge). To check whether they’re done, remove one carefully from the pan with a slotted spoon and give it a gentle push with a teaspoon. If it feels too soft (use your instincts), put it back and give the eggs a minute or two more in the water to firm up.
  • When the eggs are ready gently place the egg onto a paper towel to absorb the excess water before transferring to a plate for serving. 

20140309-153848.jpgAnother thing you can do (for the less confident or experienced egg poachers) is to crack the egg into a cup first before pouring it into the boiling water. Watch a handy video HERE for step-by-step instructions to make you a Egg-Poaching-Master!

While your eggs are poaching, place some slices of pancetta on a baking sheet and put this in a pre-heated oven (180 degrees) for about 5 minutes until they crisp up nicely! Briefly place the cooked slices onto a kitchen towel to drain the fat before serving.

20140309-153818.jpgNow all you have to do is spread the Chilli Avocado onto thick slices of freshly toasted bread, add the poached egg(s) and finally ‘decorate’ with some pancetta on top!


And there you have it, pretty much my favourite breakfast dish in the whole world! Enjoy! Have you ever made poached eggs with (chilli) avocado at home?

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  1. It’s late afternoon here but I’m already craving that beautiful tower of deliciousness! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Making this tomorrow yummy!!

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