Ciate Mistress Nail Polish

As part of the July GlossyBox I received a lovely new nail varnish from Ciate that I decided to try out the other day. I love rocking a red nail polish because it is one of those shades that makes any simple outfit pop. In winter I tend to go for warmer and darker reds and in summer, with tanned skin, a bright red shade adds that little bit of extra sexiness to a little white or black dress.

Ciate Mistress is a bright orange toned red. The colour actually reminds me a lot of one of my favourite MAC red lipsticks; So Chaud (as seen here).  Also isn’t the packaging of Ciate nail polishes adorable? Love the little black bow!


The formula of Mistress is smooth, quick drying and the long soft brush makes applying a breeze. Ciate Mistress is quite a sheer polish so you definitely need 2-3 coats to get a more opaque finish. This is about 3 coats on me. Some people quite like this ‘jelly’ like sheer texture but I probably would have liked it a bit less sheer, that’s just because I am lazy though and can’t always be bothered to apply three coats!


I really like Ciate Mistress but I did find it chipped very quickly as I started getting chips on day 1! I’ve read that most people find Ciate nail polishes to be very long lasting so maybe it’s just this more sheer formula that tends to chip.

What do you think of Mistress and have you tried Ciate nail polishes before?

5 Responses

  1. Thats a really great red. I’ve got an as yet unopened Ciate polish, I really need to try it x

  2. Sandy

    OMG thats my colour!

  3. Gorgeous colour!

    Sarah xx

  4. Beautiful red! What program did you use to edit these? Love this! :)

    • Roz

      Hi Saskia! I actually used the iPhone app by A Beautiful Mess for these photos. Check it out, it’s FAB :) x