Training update & New workout clothes

Only one week to go until my first ever Half Marathon! Next Sunday I will be back home in The Netherlands to compete in the The Hague City Pier City Half Marathon. I have been training so much in the last few months so fitness wise I am happy to say I feel ready and super motivated. Body-wise however, because of all my running training I have unfortunately now got a bit of a knee injury. It is quite a common running injury in that my IT-Band (side of my knee) is painful when I’m out running. As you can imagine I am very frustrated, a little worried and therefore am resting all of this week to pray that it will heal in time for my race next week. To help with my recovery I decided to book myself in for a sports massage this weekend. Through the helpful website Wahanda I found a great local spa (link) where I treated all my sore muscles to some extra loving and care on Saturday. I have also bought some strapping that I will apply to my knee during the run to hopefully help strengthen it and limit and further injuries or pain. Have you ever had this kind of injury? If so, any tips for my recovery would be really appreciated!

Talking about fitness, I attended my first The Fit Crowd event on Wednesday where I met some of the other members of the Fit Crowd, got to shop a storm in their Kings Road store and attended a Barrecore workout. I took a few photos but unfortunately this weekend my iPhone got stolen so I lost most of those pictures! Barrecore is mix of yoga, pilates and low-impact strength exercises; using a ballet barre to perform small movements, stretches with your bodyweight as resistance. Don’t be fooled, this sounds ‘easy’ but it was pretty hard – the next day I definitely felt some muscles I didn’t even know I had!

Also here are the lovely new fitness items I picked up from Sweaty Betty at the event…


2x Athlete workout vests in surprise surprise, my favourite colours; coral & turquoise. These lightweight vests retail at £29 and comes in 14 colours so there’s bound to be one you’ll love / Upbeat padded bra in Electric Lime (link) / Karma Yoga Pant – these are super soft and my new favourite lounge pants (link) / Pink Sweaty Betty Drink Bottle (link) / Shock Absorber Plunge Bra (link)


I’m so glad I found this sports bra! This is the first one I have ever found that is really supportive when running but attractive at the same time. The plunge doesn’t mean less support and it’s great for lower fitting tops and making you feel slightly more sexy and sleek than in your average sports bra!

OK enough fitness talk – now I need to rest up my knee and fingers crossed I will be all good to run my 21km next Sunday…..

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  1. The very best of luck with your first ever half marathon next Sunday! My boyfriend did his first ever one a couple of years ago with a knee injury and he was a-ok so I’m hopeful you will be too lovely.

    PS- How pretty are your new sports bra style tops?


    • Roz

      Thanks Hannah, am hoping the knee injury will improve this week…

  2. elrhoadsLiz

    Hi Roz. I share your IT band problems and the best thing is rest. You are totally capable of running 13 the weekend of the race, so take time and relax, ice, and maybe loosen it on the elliptical if you have the chance. I also us an IT band brace under my knee and it makes a world of difference. Good luck!

    • Roz

      Thanks! You wear the brace under your knee? The one I have I wear just above the knee…
      I also bought insoles today to support my arch so am hoping this will really help and am definitely resting my legs this week! Here’s to hoping…

  3. Good luck for the Half Marathon! Seeing your fitness posts and Instagrams really makes me want to get fit. Any tips for beginners? xx

    • Roz

      Hi Jo! I used to be a useless runner too and I found the get running app really helped me. It got me off the couch fro, hardly being age to run 2km to doing 5km with ease! Oh and a good playlist helps! I always run with music. Good luck :) x

  4. Milee Powell

    Roz, I know exactly what you are experiencing. I had the same problem with my knee a few years back. I spoke to a physical therapist about it and he recommended I use a foam roller. Have you ever used a foam roller? Basically, it helps to stretch the IT band and loosen it up so it’s not so tight when you run. He recommended I use it as part of my stretching routine after I run. It is painful at first but really helps! I run half marathons, too. They are addicting so be prepared :) I wish you the best of luck!