Shop & make a difference?

Without a doubt, one of the coolest and most fashionable chica’s I know is my dear friend Faye! Back in June 2012 (when she was still living in London..) we went shopping on Portobello Road in Notting Hill together to browse the vintage shops and markets to get inspired for fashion and home design ideas. You can see photos of that original post here – link!

Faye has her own fashion blog called Fashion Hound which is all about sustainable style. Another thing we did that day was visit the Save the Children, The Mary Portas Living and Giving store in Notting Hill, London to film a little video for her blog about how you can shop & make a difference at the same time! Here are some photos I took that day…

DSC02332 1024x685 Shop & make a difference? DSC02331 1024x685 Shop & make a difference? DSC02333 1024x685 Shop & make a difference? DSC02337 1024x685 Shop & make a difference? DSC02345 1024x829 Shop & make a difference? There were many gorgeous items in the shop; for example this hat by Yves Saint Laurent!

DSC02349 1024x685 Shop & make a difference? And here is the video that I filmed for her that day…

Have you ever shopped in a community shop? I think these high end charity shops are brilliant because you can pick up some amazing designer pieces at bargain prices whilst helping Save the Children at the same time.

Spending without the guild? Now that’s what I call a WIN/WIN situation ;)

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  1. Love this!! Thanks for the support x

  2. Amy Jane says:

    oh snap, I remember Faye from totally wild when I was a kid

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