More Shellac Nails: French Manicure

After my last experience with Shellac (read here) I just couldn’t wait to get my nails done again! Having perfectly manicured nails for two weeks is proving addictive already :) This time I went for classic, elegant and timeless; a french manicure!

PS….can you guess what I am holding here???

I love the classic look of a french manicure and having this chip free for 2 weeks is just brilliant! They used CND polishes in the shades ‘beau’ and ‘studio white’ for this manicure. TADA……Yes I am indeed holding a little blue box from Tiffany & Co! LUCKY ME :)

Why? Well it’s my birthday tomorrow and it is a bit of a yearly tradition to get some T&C goodness for my birthday. See previous presents here and here. This present is from my parents and I can’t wait to open it tomorrow morning. I already know what it is but you will just have to wait until I show you later this week :) This item has been on my Tiffany’s wish list for a while…what’s on your list? I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I will be celebrating turning another year older with friends over lots of prosecco and cake.

3 Responses

  1. This is so gorgeous!
    I’ve always wanted to try Shellac.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow too :)

    Makeup for Biochemists


  2. Really beautiful!

    I love the classic look of a french manicure!

    & also best wishes for your Birthday !!

  3. Anonymous

    Just wondering what was in the Tiffany box?

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