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Lunch at Clementine’s in LA

As a bit of self-proclaimed foodie, before going on holiday, I made sure I did my research to find some great ‘go-to’ places for meals. On one of my favourite blogs, Cupcakes and Casmere, Emily recommends the cafe Clementine as a fab place to grab lunch or to “meet a friend”. So when we randomly drove past Clementine’s one afternoon in LA we felt this would be the perfect spot to stop for a bite to eat!
Check out the massive Rolls Royce that pulled up outside whilst we were there! The place however isn’t posh or exclusive. It has a lovely relaxed cafe feel that serves a variety of organic and freshly baked or prepared food.
Inside the cafe they have an widespread selection of fresh food to order from the counter or a menu with even more options. All their muffins and sweets looked amazing and I was very tempted to grab one of their granola-to-go boxes…just because ;)
In the end I decided on a mixed salad plate which meant I could choose three salads from the deli the only problem was which mouthwatering salad to pick! To drink I got their tropical iced tea which was very refreshing!
My scrumptious mix was the summer chicken salad, the grilled squash medley and the beetroot lentil salad with goats cheese. Nom nom…
Sitting outside on the terrace enjoying our lunch!
This was probably one of my favourite cafes in LA so I would definitely recommend it if you are ever in the area :) You can read Emily’s other great recommendations in her ‘Guide to LA’ here. From her list I also went to Urth Caffe, Toast Bakery and Sur restaurant. Have you ever been to LA; if so what’s your favourite cafe there? Xoxo


Keeping fit Hollywood style!

Even though I am currently on holiday I still want to try to be a little healthy and work out; especially since I’m taking part in the London triathlon at the end of September! I’m doing the 10km run as part of a relay team so I really need to maintain my fitness levels over the next few weeks.
So while I was in LA I decided to keep fit the Hollywood way by going for a run at Runyon Canyon Park in the Hollywood Hills!

This was around 8.00am in the morning (yes up early because of jet lag!) before we started our gruelling run in the park. The run was an absolute killer; the heat and some serious climbing definitely meant I didn’t look so fresh afterwards! No wonder all the celebs and LA people look so super fit; doing this run regularly definitely would keep you in amazing shape.

It was very cool to workout whilst admiring these awesome views over the city and even spotting the famous Hollywood sign!


To listen to my favourite beats during my run I used my brand new mobile phone accessory.

This is my Griffin Adidas Armband; made especially for the iPhone 4 (link). It’s super lightweight, comfortable to wear and even has a little handy slot to put your key in!

After our workout we treated ourselves to a delicious but also nutritious breakfast at the Urth Caffe in Beverly Hills.

I had the yoghurt bowl with their homemade organic granola! It was very good, the only thing I would say is that I thought the portion of granola was a bit too small…it left me craving more but suppose that kept it a healthy morning Hollywood style ;) xoxo



Quote of the week…Sorry for the lack of blogging but I’m definitely having plenty of good thoughts and enjoying the many sunbeams that California is providing me!!
Keeping cool in the rooftop pool at the SLS Beverly Hills Hotel :)
Bikini by River Island
Happy hump day everyone! Xoxo


My weekend in the homeland

Before taking off on holiday to the USA for two weeks I first made a little stop in the homeland. Here some instagram pics from my weekend :)
In flight refreshments from KLM ‘a cup of blond’ hehe
Me in transit…
Overlooking the canals in The Hague from my brothers house
The birthday feast at my brothers party. Mainly Ottolenghi recipes, yum!
Vlokken aka chocolate flakes!
Typical Dutch sandwich topping for breakfast, yum yum :)
The country of bikes…
Amsterdam for the day on Saturday!
Banana bread treat
Poached eggs, avocado and smoked salmon. Best way to start the day! Really good brunch place in Amsterdam; G & T’s (link)
My friend outside his awesome apartment right along the canals!
Great company, food, drinks and people watching in de Pijp
What the ‘bleep’ ;)
I Am-sterdam :)
Pretty canals in Amsterdam
Lining the stomach with tapas at Boca’s in de Jordaan before a fun night out!Movie night with the parents. We saw the Danish film ‘a Royal Affair’
I thought it was a beautiful story with interesting history.
Delicious Vietnamese dinner after the movies.
Next stop?
Early tomorrow morning I am getting on a plane to Los Angeles for a week in Calfornia. I can’t wait to soak up the sunshine, cruise around LA, go rollerblading at Venice beach, try paddle-boarding, shop, try to spot celebrities in Hollywood and watch one of my best friends tie the knot in San Diego! I will try my best to post the occasional update on here now that I have my handy iPad with me! See you later everyone……USA here I come!!