The ultimate long lasting manicure: Shellac Nails!

For ages now I have been meaning to try out the hype that is ‘Shellac nails’ and last night I finally went for my first CND Shellac manicure and I have to say I love it. Shellac offers a more nail-friendly solution by taking gels to the next level and it is the ultimate long lasting manicure! The special formulated polishes brush on just like regular nail polish. Nails are prepped in the same manner as a basic manicure but your polish will stay on, chip-free, for at least 14 days!

I got my nails done at Nails in London in EC4 London and the whole process only took about 30 minutes. The application process is simple. A clear base coat is applied, which is then ‘cured’ for 20 seconds in an ultraviolet light box. Two coats of coloured polish follow (I chose the CND shade Tropix), each of which needs two minutes under the UV lamp, then a high-gloss top-coat followed by a final 20-second blast of the UV light and, voila, your nails are all done!

And the amazing thing is they are dry – like ROCK HARD dry, no risk of smudging or scratching. It’s the weirdest feeling walking out and not having to be careful touching things; I kept thinking I was going to damage my manicure! But it didn’t :) I am super happy with the finished result and will be curious to see how long I can remain chip-free for!

Do you like the shade Tropix I got? I love Coral and thought it would be perfect for my holiday :) My shellac manicure cost £35 which I think is pretty good value for money when you think how long lasting it is compared to a standard manicure! When the time comes to take the Shellac polish off your nail, you can easily get this done at the salon when you go for your next treatment and the best part is that it doesn’t actually damage the nail itself. Even though salons don’t recommend it I have seen a few tutorials on how you can remove shellac nails at home; read a good tutorial here (link).

Btw like my new iPhone cover? I picked it up yesterday for only £3.99 at H&M. It was one of those items that’s in the baskets by the counter and I just couldn’t resist taking it home! So the verdict on Shellac Nails? I am hooked and will definitely get it done again. I think next time I will try a shellac french manicure. Have you ever had Shellac nails or are now intrigued to give this new revolution in manicures a go? Let me know your thoughts.

4 Responses

  1. These are lovely! I absolutely love the colour you’ve chosen! I have a similar mani on at the moment – the Biosculpture Gels and I just love them, so easy and long-lasting, AND they don’t damage your nails! Wooo!


  2. Argh love that phone cover haha, so distracted!

  3. I love shellac and actually just got a shellac french manicure yesterday. I have a 1.5 year old, so giving my nails time to try isn’t an option – I have to be on the ready. I love not having to worry about the manicure without the damage of gels or acrylics! Loving your blog!!!

  4. Such a great idea for a holiday! I always consider getting the shellac but I like changing the colour too often. But when you’re on holiday, you really don’t want to worry about chips. I’ll have to consider this for my work trip in August. x

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