New summer jackets: suede & denim

When I was in Barcelona I did end up doing a little bit of shopping and two things I picked up were some lovely new summer jackets. I found both of them in the shop Bershka. We have this chain in London too but I admit I don’t visit it often but am thinking should because when I was in Barcelona there were so many things inside the shop that I loved.

The first thing I got was this cream suede leather ‘biker style’ jacket. I spotted this in the window of the shop on one of the days the stores were closed and loved it so much I just had to try to find this jacket once the shop opened the next day…

Bershka suede Jacket (link) // White long tank top (Primark) // Coral Maxi Skirt by River Island, as seen here // Samantha Wills Triple Threat Necklace, as seen here// Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, as seen here

The beautiful Barcelona street tiles!

I love the fit and feel of this jacket and because of its light colour I think this will get lots of use over summer, paired with dresses, skirts or jeans.

I also found my perfect denim jacket for summer in Berhska. I had been looked for a denim jacket for a while but hadn’t found one quite right; they were always a little too dark or a little too light toned. For me this shade was just perfect denim blue!

Berskha BSK denim jacket (link)
Paired here with my favourite bright coral jeans!

I think a denim jacket is a definite closet- must have! It’s layerable, light weight which means easy to carry around with you and it doesn’t crease so you can just throw it in your bag and reach for it when it gets cold. It’s such a transitional piece and blue denim will go with pretty much everything! A well-fitting denim jacket couldn’t be more classic or useful. Pair it with dresses, shorts or jeans and depending on the style, it can instantly transform your look creating new possibilities for certain items sitting in your closet.

What do you think of my new jackets…are you eyeing up any new jackets for summer time?

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  1. Gorgeous pics, Roz! I absolutely love the leather jacket & the denim one is perfect with those coral jeans!! <3 xoxo

  2. great purchases!!

    i luv bershka! they have some really unique items!

  3. LOVE that Bershka jacket!!! Really suits you :)

  4. Anonymous

    The leather jacket is amazing, can I ask what size do you have?

  5. Hey! Thanks all :) I have Size Small

  6. Hey Roz, just came across your blog, it’s “gorgeousness” personified, very inspiring. I’ve just got back into blogging, if you get a chance to stop by and check it out, I’m make up artist but it’s about everything. Greetings from Dublin, xnickI