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Burberry lipcover in Rosewood

I am currently loving my Burberry lipstick in the shade Rosewood; seriously how gorgeous is this lippy?

I discovered this lipstick because it was one of the items in my March ‘The Harrods Edition’ Glossybox.

I have to say the March Glossybox was filled with some amazing products:

  • Ojon Restorative Hair Serum
  • Clarins Extra firming body cream
  • 4ml Eau De Toilette of Fendi’s new Fandi fragrance
  • Erno Laszlo – 5 piece cream gift set

But this mini Burberry lipstick was definitely my favourite!

Isn’t this the cutest and tiniest lipstick you have ever seen? The packaging of the mini version is exactly the same as their full sized lipsticks with its polished gunmetal case and Burberry check embossed lipstick bullet.

It’s a rosy brown shade that I think would suit most skin-tones. It’s a quite a natural look but it does give a nice touch of elegant colour to your lips. The formula is ‘soft satin’ which feels very light whilst being creamy and moisturizing.  The lasting power is really good and it has a pretty satin/glossy finish to it.

Other products I used for this look: CID i-Perfect Foundation // MAC Peachykeen blush // Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder // MAC Belightful highlighter // Estee Lauder stay-in-place shadowcreme in Golden Sands // Urban Decay NAKED2 Palette (Suspect & Snakeskin) // Estee Lauder Pure color Kajal eyeliner in Pure Black // Blink+Go Mascara

What do you think of the Burberry lipcover in Rosewood? A full sized version of this lipstick retails for £23 (link) which isn’t cheap but this is a shade that is very timeless so probably worth the investment!

I always love the makeup looks as seen on the models on the Burberry runways or in their advertising campaigns so this lipstick has got me excited about trying more from their beauty collection. Do you have any Burberry beauty products that you would recommend?

Weekend brunches: St Ali & You are Here!

A couple of weekends ago a friend of mine was visiting London so we decided to catch up over one of my favourite past times; BRUNCH!

On my trusty, couldn’t live without it, iPhone I have a ‘places to eat’ note that is ever growing and is separated by brunch places, restaurants and even specific London suburbs. Yes I am a bit of a (super) organised freak like that haha ;) High on my brunch places-to-go list was the venue for our catch up; ‘St Ali’ in Farringdon.

St Ali is Australian owned and a sister branch of an esteemed coffee-focused cafe established in Melbourne 11 years ago. Most of my favourite London brunch places seem to be Antipodean owned or operated. Antipodeans are real foodies and they seem to have the formula for cafe culture down pat; creative, simple but delicious food, good coffee and friendly service!

A discreet entrance on a busy road in Farringdon leads you to a door with their name lit in light-bulbs! There was quite a large queue outside the door so I was expecting a long wait but surprisingly they dealt with the people waiting very efficiently and after about fifteen minutes we were lead upstairs to our table. The restaurant is quite large and has a really cool industrial yet warm feel to it;  there’s a huge roaster downstairs, a big coffee counter, lots of bare brick walls and gorgeous black and gold textured skull bones wallpaper! 
I ordered myself a fresh mint tea while taking a while to umm and ahh over what to order from their mouth-watering menu; it all just sounded sooo delicious! In the end I decided on the corn fritters, baby spinach, grilled halloumi, kasundi with poached eggs…..
…which was definitely the right choice! Fluffy cooked fritters, with salty haloumi, a sweet chutney and perfectly poached eggs. Nom nom. My friend ordered the baked free range eggs, roast pepper, chorizo, saffron & tomato ragu with feta which was delicious but think he definitely suffered from some food envy hehe ;)

After our meals I was craving something sweet and their toasted banana bread with date & orange jam and espresso mascarpone definitely hit the spot. It was just WOW!!

If you are ever around Farringdon (or I’d say it’s even worth making a special d-tour for) then definitely check out this great restaurant and I bet their lunch or dinner menu will be just as amazing!

St Ali
27 Clerkenwell Road
London, EC1M 5RN
Phone: 020 7253 5754

After brunch we walked further east to roam around the Columbia Road flower markets!
We bought some flowers, herbs and soaked up the sun while enjoying a cold beverage!
In a little art/print shop on Columbia Road I also felt drawn to a print by French graphic designer Sarah Boris so I decided to buy it for my place..
“Sarah’s minimalist style is presented in ‘You Are Here,’ which references the not so unfamiliar icon placed on outdoor maps. It playfully reminds the viewer of their presence and spectatorial position in front of the piece, acknowledging that they are there, if you needed reminding!!”

What I really loved about this print is that it will remind me to ‘live in the moment’. Anywhere I will have this on my walls, no matter what country or city I live in, it will allow me to focus on ‘I am here’!

♥ “The past is never there when you try to go back. It exists, but only in memory. 
To pretend otherwise is to invite a mess.” Chris Cobbs
♥ “With the past, I have nothing to do nor with the future. I live now.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
♥ Carpe Diem “Seize the day”
Sorry it’s a little late this week but still Happy Hump Day everyone. Night night xoxo

A mint jeans day!

As per my ‘Spring trend crush: Mint’ blog post; getting some mint jeans was on the top of my shopping lust-list! I finally ended up buying the perfect ones last week and couldn’t wait to wear them this weekend…

Back in February during London Fashion I popped by the Handpicked Media LFW Lounge where UK fashion retailer Warehouse were also showcasing their gorgeous Spring/Summer ’12 collection. The collection is full of pretty pastel hues, chic silhouettes, simple shapes and tropical prints.

I love this white lace cami and the beige peplum skirt! So classic and elegant.

And this where I first spotted their beautiful mint jeans!! You can get their ultra skinny mint jeans online here for £40 (link). I had also seen mint jeans in other high street shops like H&M, ZARA and River Island but the Warehouse ones started my original love affair and once I tried them on I was just sold :) They are a lovely slim fit, quite a strong not too stretchy cotton and about mid-rise waisted.

I had my parents visiting from The Netherlands this weekend and it was b-e-a-utiful weather which meant a perfect time to rock my new mint skinny jeans!

Ultra Skinny Coloured Jeans by Warehouse // White cable stitch jumper by ZARA as seen here (link) // Silver ballet flats by ZARA (last season) // Pastel/white scarf by TieRack (gift from a friend) // RayBan Aviator sunglasses by RayBan // Watch by Michael Kors // Bag by GinaTricot as seen here (link)

We spent most of Saturday walking along the Thames and soaking up the sun in Richmond Park!

The sunset over the Thames in Richmond. I had the loveliest weekend and I’m just over the moon with my mint jeans! Are you eyeing up any mint or other pastel coloured jean this summer?

My new geek-chic glasses!

Getting some new glasses, or shall we say spectacles (I like that word), has been on my to-do list for a VERY long time! Growing up I was the odd one out in my family being the only one with 20/20 vision. However it seems that my ‘old age’ caught up with me over the years because about 5 or so years ago I felt my eyesight wasn’t always that sharp anymore so I decided to get an eye-test. Turned out my perfect vision was no more and I need glasses.  I am short-sighted, bizarrely only in my right eye, which means I can’t focus on things in a distance. I don’t wear glasses all the time because I don’t need them for work but I always wear them when I am driving, going to the movies or a show or watching TV. If I don’t wear glasses I can function fine but just can’t really see things that far away clearly; like reading signs in streets and stations or for example which bus is coming towards me on the street. Because only one eye is short-sighted, when I don’t wear my glasses I find myself squinting quite a bit to focus which isn’t that great…can give me a headache…and let’s not even think about the wrinkles it’s probably giving me!

I used to have these nice glasses by Polo Ralf Lauren but about a year ago I sat on them and ever since then one of the legs was wonky and broken, which I kept re-attaching with cellotape! I knew I had to get some new glasses but could just never find some that I really liked. Another problem is that I also have quite a small head which means a lot of glasses looked to big or wide on my face! Well anywho…. I finally did it, I got some new spectacles (APPLAUSE!!)

My old glasses were a little more ‘secretary style’ but this time I chose a slightly ‘cooler’ geek chic kind of frame.

They are from Paul Smith (Pirroni 2980 Black Horn Gold)/ I really like how they have the yellow on the inside which means they are softer on your face than just straight black frames!

I think my glasses are also a little bit like the ones Zooey Deschanel wears in her TV show ‘New Girl’. Her glasses are by the uber cool brand ‘Oliver Peoples’ in a tortoiseshell colour. Have you seen ‘New Girl’ before? I am completely hooked on this show. Zooey is super ‘adorkable’ in it and I might have a developed a wee crush on the character Nick! Oh and I think the ‘douche-bag jar’ concept is brilliant!

So what do think of my new glasses? :) xoxo