New hair with Balayage highlights!

For the last few weeks I felt it was really getting about that time that I got some highlights in my hair again. During the summer months I don’t tend to highlight my hair at all because luckily my hair naturally gets more sun-kissed over that time. But with the winter month’s fast approaching my roots really need fixing! However with so much on recently; moving, trips and work I hadn’t had time to fit this in. This week I desperately tried to get an appointment to get my hair done this weekend but most salons were fully booked. Since moving to London I haven’t really found my go-to salon, I’ve more been trying different salons on the search to find my favourite. Struggling to get an appointment my friend was so kind to recommend her hairdresser to me and he was able to fit me in on Friday evening after work, perfect! :)

My friend had found her hairdresser in London, after moving here from Beijing, because he was recommend by her hairdresser in China. She was specifically looking for someone that could give her ‘french’ highlights like she’d always had done in Beijing. Before my appointment on Friday she told me; don’t expect much of the salon, it’s nothing flash but she raved about the talents of her hairdresser Cedric.

Credric works from the City, Cuts & Colours salon in Victoria, which is indeed nothing flash but promises experienced top hairstylists without the high price tag. After a consultation with Credric I decided to try comb highlights instead my standard foil ones. Comb highlights, or also known as ‘Balayage’ is the hottest thing in highlighting right now. Instead of applying foils it’s a freehand technique where a stylist ‘paints’ on highlights giving the client a natural sun-kissed highlight look. I’d read quite a bit about this technique already (with celebs like Jennifer Anniston being a fan) so was definitely keen to give it a go!

This is me while getting my highlights done!

As you can see Credic painted stripes of highlights throughout my entire hair to get a more natural look. I only have colour on my roots because I wanted my roots to match the ends of my hair, which means no need to take the colour all the way through to the ends (as this would only damage your hair!)

After applying the colour, he placed me under the heat for about 10 minutes to let the colour fully develop. Then he washed out the colour and gave me a quick cut (nothing special, because I am still growing out my fringe) and TADA here I am with my finished new hair:

I have to say I love my new hair! It feels so nice to be all blonde again & I think the painted highlights look FANTASTIC! Balayage is also popular because your re-growth should be more forgiving; not providing that harsh re-growth line that foil highlights can give but I suppose time will tell with that :)

Cedric actually has a great website and besides working at the salon in Victoria he also does mobile hairdressing, which means he can do your hair from the comfort of your own home at a great price! Check out his website here. I think maybe I have found my to-go-to hairdresser in London? ;)

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  1. You are so gorgeous ;)

  2. i love it, you look gorge!

  3. umm your hair is so darn perfect!!

  4. Looks beautiful!

    I think I’m going to go for Balayage for my next color touch up – I love how natural it always seems to look.

  5. I haven’t heard of this style of highlights, but it looks fantastic on you!

  6. I love that. I just started coloring my hair after the chlorine, running outdoors and golfing at the club way too much this summer ruined my hair. I have an appointment lined up after my finals in about 6-8 weeks for another full color dye, but I really want to try this instead!!! Happy Halloweekend :) oxo

  7. you hair looks GORG!

  8. Ann

    Love Balayage! I’m so lazy when it comes to upkeep, so it really is more forgiving when roots enter the picture. No crazy line of roots.

  9. Your hair looks awesome! I’ve been doing Balayage for about two years now and love it so much more than foils. Its so much quicker!!! And I think it’s a little better for your hair too … at least that’s what my hair stylist tells me ;)

  10. your hair looks amazing! I am in love with the cut too! :) thanks for sharing :)

  11. handan

    Hi!I saw your blog a few days ago and following since that day :) Your make up style is great:) I have a question. Tomorrow there will be a party and I will wear a black one shoulder dress with a claret red high heeled shoes. What kind of colors and products should I use? What is your suggestions about the make up? Waiting for your answer, thanks :)

  12. Thanks everyone!
    @handan; How fun that you have a party tomorrow, I love getting dolled up :) One shoulder black dress and red shoes sounds like a fab combo. I think a lovely makeup look could be quite a classic one, winged eyeliner and a bold red lippy?? :) xoxo

  13. handan

    It is a business party:) There will be managers and bosses:) So there will be a little bit serious environment. Winged eyeliner and a bold red lippy sound great, thank you so much :))

  14. Anonymous

    Well after reading this article I booked him and to be honest it is a real disaster! My long hair has been chopped off and the colour is awful…and I had to get everything fixed by another hairdresser. So no if you want to keep you blond hair avoid this hairdresser at all cost.

  15. marnie

    Ummm….. this is not balayage, it’s a foil technique without the foils so in other words it’s just a lazy way of foiling.