Tickle my France-y?

Don’t you just love OPI’s polish names? 
This nail lacquer belongs to my friend but she gave me a fab manicure with it while in Italy!
I adore this colour because it’s not your average nude, there’s something about this color that makes it so unique. Think it’s the pink/mauve undertones which make it so soft and pretty!
This polish is part of the ‘La Collection De France’.
We applied 3-4 coats to get a smooth opaque finish. 
Great formula, easy to apply and check out that shine (no topcoat)!
Funny thing was that after my friend did my nails we were so surprised how the shade looked so different on my nails than on hers..her application was a few days old. Check out the difference; mine on the left and hers on the right! Mine is more pinky, hers more Taupe. Weird but actually love both shades :) This polish lasted on my nails for ages and loved it so much think I will need to purchase this polish for myself to add it to my collection. And are you ready for this confession…I think I may have found my holy grail nude polish!! xoxo

9 Responses

  1. I love this colour. It’s probably my favourite nail colour ever actually. :)

  2. it looks so gorgeous on you.totally lusting over it now but shame about the expensive price tag of OPI nail polishes.here in ireland they cost about 12/13 euro per bottle and they’re not even easily accessible. but still i must say it looks a THE PERFECT NUDE nailpolish.

  3. Think I might need to add this to my wishlist.x

  4. wow this is a really pretty color!!
    xo Jenn


  5. Really, really like this.

    Think I’d rock a glitter accent nail but I do suffer badly with Magpieitis x

  6. great color! soo elegant!

  7. Gorgeous nails…:P love these powder-colors:)

  8. Yu

    Mine is like you, when I put it on it looks purple-ish but I wish it looked taupe :( I still wear it though :P