How to create a messy bun with Goody spin pins!

A few month’s ago I saw this advert on TV for the product ‘Goody Spin Pins’ and I was instantly intrigued and knew I just HAD to get myself some of these pins. They said ‘now available at Boots’ so the next day I rushed myself to my local Boots store, but no luck :( Over the next few weeks, every time I was near a Boots store I would go in full with excitement only to be disappointed….I couldn’t find them anywhere! Turns out I wasn’t the only girl who had been intrigued by this advert because the Goody Spin Pins were pretty much sold out everywhere in the UK.

So yes after a few weeks of searching the excitement eventually wore off and I’d pretty much forgot all about them until I actually spotted some in Boots accidentally few months later! There they were the Spin Pins right in front of me for only £4.99…..and so the love affair with these pins began ;)

Now some of you might be thinking, what on earth is she going on about?! Well let me tell you about these brilliant pins. Would you like to create simple messy bun’s like this but have always found it too tricky to do?

Well than the Goody Pin Spins are the answers to your prayers!! It’s super easy to twist and style with the Simple Styles Spin Pins. They come in a pack of two (available in shades blonde and brunette) and each pin has the equivalent hold of 20 bobby pins!

These are the Blonde ones! All you need to do is wrap hair around itself into a top knot, bun or romantic side bun. Then simply twist the Spin Pin through the bun to insert, and untwist to remove. It glides smoothly in and out of hair, without snagging or tangling thanks to the double dipped ends. A compact six-layer coil design with the hold of 20 bobby pins, smaller than a lipstick it fits perfectly into make up bags. The flexible tension spiral moves smoothly through all hair types. The Spin Pin adjusts in size for optimum hold in fine to super-thick, straight or curly hair to create free-floating suspension.

Here are the instructions provided on the back of the packet!

I am seriously in love with these pins and have been telling all my friends about them. It’s such a brilliant concept and it works with thin or thick hair and you’ll be amazed how only two pins can hold the bun so tightly all day long! Here is another look I created using the pins..

And to show you how SUPER SIMPLE it is to create this look I have filmed it for you! Here’s my little turorial video :)

UPDATE: If the below video is blocked in your country, here is the link for a version without sound so hopefully you can view that one! Let me know if any problems….

I honestly think these pins are such a FAB invention and would recommend them to any girl that wants to create fun and simple up-dos :) You can purchase them at Boots online here now!

Have you heard of these Spin Pins before? Hope you enjoyed my little video.

20 Responses

  1. you make it look so easy but those pins look very complicated to use. Great post and I love the bun

  2. Oooh I really need to get some of these in my life, I have a lot of hair so these are such a good idea.

  3. I LOVE the spin pins, so easy to use and looks gorgeous xx

  4. I found your blog last night and spent some time reading old posts, I really love it!
    Now I need to immediately get myself to Boots after work and purchase some of these. I love a messy bun.
    I look forward to reading more!

  5. I think the main reason I love spin spins is because a regular bun pulls on my scalp and gives me a headache!

  6. It says that video has been blocked by EMI :(
    Really want to try these spin pins now though! x

  7. I have the opposite problem of you.. I see these EVERYwhere it seems lol. I have been too affraid though.. they look like they would hurt. but maybe I will just try them out :)

  8. The bun looks effortlessly chic. Although I know for a fact I’d be rubbish at re-creating this, urgh! xo

  9. Now I have to buy these! Thanks for sharing!:)

  10. Oooo it looks so good, I’ve never tried these but now im intrigued! X

  11. I’m obsessed with these too! They also have a bun spin for creating perfect ballerina buns. I love them!


  12. For some reason the video is blocked down here in Australia… I’m intrigued to see how they work though!

    I love your blog. Is there any chance you can do some make up step by step tutorials? Your eyeshadow always looks perfect but I can’t figure out how you do it!

  13. Love those spin pins! Your eyes look beautiful in the pics :)

  14. Thanks for all the comments girls. I have re-loaded the video on YouTube but this time without sound so hopefully wont get blocked for some of you again!
    Check it out here:
    Also I promise people these pins are so easy to use and it doesnt hurt at all!! I say try it :)

  15. Another great post. May have to invest in these pins.
    sal x

  16. the bun looks hot. i’m definitely going to try this! thanks!!! xo

  17. this seems a lot easier than how i do my messy buns! will definitely try this, thank you! x

  18. LOVE THIS!! Can’t wait to look for these! Cute bun!

  19. Ciara

    I’m in love with these!!! They hold my super thick curly hair all day and are great for when u hit the snooze 5 times. Do yourself a favor and get a pair!

  20. Just looked this up as I have a pair I bought at the Dollar Tree store here in Vancouver, WA. The only thing I know how to do is the bun, and I have such long hair, so I would like to be able to do more with these spin pins! Very helpful your site indeed!