New MakeUp Storage Solution

My ever growing makeup collection was becoming quite a mission to store in my room so this got me on on the hunt for a new makeup storing solution. After some online research, I got some fab ideas from other blogs, and this brought my attention to the Muji Acrylic Drawer boxes! So last weekend I ventured out to their Covent Garden store and purchased myself a new makeup storage solution: TADA!

What I ended up getting was:

They are stackable and super solid. I love how they are clear so you can see exactly what’s in each draw and it really tidies it all up, while making my makeup easily accessible. At the moment I haven’t quite organised it properly yet because think I actually need some more draws to fit all my make up but for now my draws are organised as follows (from top to bottom): Draw 1 (with flip lid!): Concealer, Powder Foundation, Eyelash curler and Brow pencils, Draw 2; MAC Paint Pots, Eye primers and bronzers, Draw 3: MAC pigment sample pots and Barry M Dazzle Dusts (I used the divider in this draw-handy!), Draw 4; Mascara’s, Eyeliners and pencils, Draw 5; Blushes and Draw 6: Loose eyeshadow pots.

Think I will definitely be getting some more of these storage boxes to fit my lipsticks, glosses, more foundations and eye shadow palettes. Plus they sell these acrylic round pots which could be perfect to store my brush collection!! For worldwide stockist information on Muji products visit their website!

Do you like my new storage solution? Also if you have any other great ideas – please let me know!

14 Responses

  1. very pretty!!! :)

  2. waow.. that’s cool!
    all the make up looks more organized.. ;)

  3. i love transparent organisers too, coz i can see wats in it, without opening it, but SO said it made the room more messy lol

    xoxo elle

  4. I absolutely love Muji! I need to get myself 2 more drawers still xx

  5. Yess, MUJI are soo good for make-up storage. I invested in some of these drawers a while ago but I really need some more, I’m intending to stack mine as well. I’ve got one of their clear acrylic pots to store my brushes and its excellent but, I also need another one because its too full! I wish they did lipstick holders though…

  6. Hmm that is very cool. I’ll try to remember Muji when I need to look for better makeup storage solutions!

  7. It looks so lovely and organized. I like them.

  8. Looks brilliant:-) I tend to throw the out of favour stuff into empty shoe boxes and then just keep a smallish amount for daily use – rotating from time to time. I like your idea better!

  9. Lovely collection and storage!
    It’s cute how your name, Roz, means pink in my language! ^.^


  10. Wow, amazing! It looks so neat! I really need something like that too!

  11. Wow – that looks really good!! And organized!

  12. I love these storage boxes they look amazing. I have been meaning to get some!

  13. love it!

  14. I have 2 Muji drawers and both wide/fliptop. and i am loving it!!!Plan to buy more soon in singapore.