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Sweet like Caramel..

Just quickly sharing a recent Nail of the Day!
Wearing my Nails Inc nail polish in ‘Caramel’.
This polish is part of the 2011 Diet Coke Collection, which I blogged about here.

Really like this colour. Very sophisticated. Great natural, classic look!
As always Nails Inc didn’t disappoint with application; smooth, long lasting and great consistency!
Ps: Eww, apologies for how yuck my fingers look in this photo…haha

Happy Hump Day %

Announcing a new feature to my happy hump day posts: from now, each week, I will add a song I’m loving! First to feature is Britney Spears! Yes…I downloaded her new album ‘Femme Fatale’ today & I have to say, I think it’s one of her best albums yet! Super fun & makes me wants to dance! This is my current fave song on repeat :)

Britney Spears – Selfish

My Happy Hump Day Message for today:
Think most girls would agree with me on this one right?? ;)
Oh and while on the shopping front. So stoked because I managed to pick up an amazing bargain on a new pair of boots recently! Ok it’s not like I needed *yet another pair * of boots but they were on sale from £85 to £20. C’mon, I couldn’t resist! Leather Suede Black Buckle Boots – check them out:
I’ve wanted boots like this ever since I saw (the stunning) Chiara from ‘the Blonde Salad’ wear a similar brown pair here & here back in August! She got hers from ASOS and I remember looking at black ones back then but never ended up buying them. Good things come to those who wait because now I scored them for £20, woop woop!! You can buy a similar pair at the moment by French Connection here.
I hope you all have a wonderful Hump Day! I am definitely feeling happy today, because I have finally recovered from a stomach virus that had me bed bound the last four days :(
xoxo Roz

My Oral-B Power Challenge

Hi Girls!
Starting today I will be taking part in the Power Oral-B Challenge! I got chosen to trail the PC500 Power Brush for one month to see if it can convert me, to using a power toothbrush over a manual one, forever. Late last week I received my Oral-B ‘Britain’s Brush Box’ which included the Oral-B PC500 Toothbrush, a Union Jack Washbag, a Best of British Trivia Game and a blue hand towel. Merci Oral- B ♥ 

Apparently power brushes are proven to remove twice as much plaque compared to a manual toothbrush and 9 out of 10 people who have tried a power toothbrush would not want to go back to a manual one!
Oral-B ambassador and dentist Dr. James Russell believes that after a month of using this toothbrush I should really feel that my teeth are cleaner and see that they are whiter than they were before. 
To help me along the way in my challenge Dr. James Russell provided me with some handy tips:
♥ Floss: I must floss once a day to achieve optimum oral health
♥ Brush: I must brush twice a day for 2 minutes! Luckily Oral-B Professional Care 500 toothbrush comes with a clever little timer so help me with that.
♥ Curb Snacking: Watch the kinds of snack I consume. I should stick to foods like cheese, raw vegetables, nuts and breadsticks which are better for my teeth..(as apposed to chocolate and crisps I imagine! Gosh another reason not to have them haha)
♥ Avoid: Fizzy drinks, as they’re very sugary and acidic and erode tooth enamel. (ummm not sure I will be giving up my Diet Coke anytime soon, sorry Dr Russell!)

So after buying a shaving power adapter, because my bathroom doesn’t have that kind of plug, my power toothbrush is now ready and fully charged to be used! I will loyally use it or one month and will report back at the end of the challenge to let you know how I got on and give you my verdict! Also if you’d like to join me in this challenge, as part of National Smile Monh, the Oral-B 500 will be available at half price in the UK between March and May for only £22.50 at all major retailers.
Get set, ready…..GO! Let the challenge begin…

This post is sponsored by Oral-B


VIE – One Step Face Base

Recently I was contacted about the VIE ‘One Step Face Base’ Foundation which is one of their best selling products. They claim that they sell one in the UK every 2 minutes!!  I’d never really heard of this brand before but the reviews and records sounded pretty impressive so was keen to give this product a go.

VIE at home, previously known as The Virgin Cosmetics Company and Virgin Vie At Home, specialises in the direct selling of make up, skin care, body care, jewellery and homeware. It’s basically similar to companies like Avon, Mary Kay or Nutrimetics. 
Now onto the ‘One Step Face Base’ Foundation:

The foundation comes in a pretty blue transparent case, with a mirror and sponge applicator. I like the VIE logo printed into the foundation and the packaging has a nice luxury feel to it. The foundation is available in 6 different shades, Alabaster, Caramel, Honey, Ivory, Sabe & Soft Beige. I got Soft Beige which is a nice shade but possibly a little too dark for me at the moment. It gives me a little more of a tanned look but probably more suited to my summer colouring, as opposed to my current pasty white winter look! ;)

♥ What they say:
“Get a smooth and even finish in just 90 seconds with our all-in-one foundation and powder. With a silky matt finish, this compact is perfect for all cover ups and perfect for setting makeup, whether at home or on the go.”

♥ How to apply:
The VIE face base can be worn alone for a quick and easy, soft and natural complexion or applied on top of your favourite liquid foundation for great full coverage that lasts right through the day. I found to get the best finish, lightly dust a small amount of the VIE base all over your face using a large, soft powder brush after applying your liquid foundation. This gives your face a lovely flawless and soft finish.

♥ My thoughts:
I really like the finish and feeling this product gives my skin; flawless and so silky! It’s non-drying and provides long lasting good coverage without looking cakey or too powdery. Also I am quite the liquid foundation addict so I wouldn’t usually only apply powder foundation, but with this powder I did actually feel it provided me with enough coverage (after a bit of concealer) to wear this foundation on it’s own for a natural finish. In this FOTD you can see my face with only concealer and the VIE One Step Face Base! Quite a natural but good coverage result I think! :)
♥ Price & Availability:
You can’t buy the One Step Face Base on the high street. It is only available to be bought from a Vie at Home Party, through a Vie Consultant or Online via their website.
The compact costs £16 (€20) and refills for the foundation are priced at £12.50 (€15.62)
Have you ever tried the One Step Face Base or any other products from VIE at home? xoxo