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Sabline EOTD

Because I moved out of my apartment on Saturday and am not leaving NZ until Wednesday I am staying with a friend (bless her!) for my last few days in Wellington. Was getting ready yesterday and nosy little me spotted an unknown makeup brand eyeshadow on her dresser “Vincent Longo”. Had never heard of that brand but the shadow was a stunning muddy rose/pink/reddish colour. So I decided to create an EOTD with this eyeshadow. Really liked the result :) I want a similar colour added to my collection now….

Btw excuse my messy and yucky hair. 
I’m getting a cut & colour done today YAY!
UDPP (primer)
Vincent Longo Spectralite e/s in Sabline (all over lid)
MAC Wedge e/s in crease
Sleek Storm Palette – white colour (tear duct & browbone highlight)
MAC Fascinating eyeliner  pencil (waterline)
MAC Liquid Liner (upper lashline)
MAC Zoom Lash mascara

Have you ever heard of Vincent Longo makeup? My friend she got this eye shadow as a freebie when placing an order on Was very impressed with the product, long wearing, velvety soft texture & great pigmentation. Happy Monday! xoxo

Mini MAC Haul

Hi everyone,
It’s official, I am unemployed! It was my last day at work on Friday. 
Who knows when & where my next job will be….
Work threw me a little farewell morning tea and gave me some MAC vouchers as a leaving gift (woopie they knew me so well!) Of course I went straight to MAC to get some new goodies. Thought I would share my little farewell purchases:

MAC Twinks Eyeshadow
Deep plum with pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
Am always a sucker for gorgeous shimmery brown colours, this one has a plum tone to it!
MAC Wedge Eyeshadow
Soft muted golden beige taupe (Matte)
Wedge has been on my wish list for ages, perfect for contouring, applying o the crease, or blending out other shades. 
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Long wearing, smudge proof gel liner.
Have never tried MAC gel liner, so can’t wait to see if it lives up to it’s amazing reputation!

Here they are swatched:
From L-R: Twinks, Wedge, Blacktrack

You can expect some looks with these new purchases! However my blogging may be a little sporadic for a while because this weekend I moved out of my apartment & am staying with a friend until I fly out on Wednesday. However will update you all as much as possible :) Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Lots of love xoxo

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick

Whilst packing and clearing my room I managed to scramble together 6x empty plastic MAC products! And you know what that means….yep I  pretty much ran straight to the MAC store to score myself a FREE lipstick. Oh how I love free stuff!

I picked up a lippy that had been on my wish list for a while but was always out of stock.  But not this time, lucky me. I got the Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme Cup! MAC Creme Cup is described as a light blue pink.

I have been wearing this new lipstick almost non-stop since I got it. The Cremesheen formula is absolutely amazing; it is creamy, moisturizing but still light on the lips & well pigmented. Creme Cup is a stunning light, feminine pink colour with blue undertones. It’s very similar to MAC Angel lipstick but think Creme Cup is a little “creamier/glossier”. Love love love it, perfect for everyday pink lips!


Work done?

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a great weekend. I spend most of my weekend packing up my house. I can’t believe that I will be leaving here in 1 ½ week. Not long to go at all. I feel I have been pretty organised but last minute stress is really starting to hit me now, yikes!
Was browsing the net on a packing break & came across these photo’s of Megan Fox at the premiere of her new film Jonah Hex  in Hollywood on June 17. She looks so different & there are lots of rumours going around that she has had some plastic surgery done recently. 
So what do you think; has she or hasn’t she had work done?!
I personally think she has but I can’t quite work out what exactly is different – perhaps the cheeks? She is so gorgeous & she definitely didn’t need any surgery. I have nothing against plastic surgery at all and in some cases you can see great improvements. But in this case think she is now looking a little “fake”
Beside the plastic surgery confusion for me I do really like her hair and makeup in this look. The dress is beautiful, striking in red but maybe a little too low cut for me..well I couldn’t pull it off anyway haha.

Who says DIY is not for girls? :p

Hi my lovelies,
So the other day I accidentally (duh) dropped my MAC Springsheen blush compact on the floor..and **SMASH** all the powder was broken and spread across the wooden floor :( There wasn’t that much left in the compact but I still didn’t want to just throw it away. So I picked up the broken pieces and decided to DYI fix it! This is how I did it:

The main subject – the broken blush :(
1) Move the broken product into a paper towel & with a spoon (or other object) gently crush it down to a powdery consistency. 
2) Place the powder into a little bowl and add some drops of rubbing alcohol (not the kind of alcohol you can drink girls!) haha
3) Mix the powder & alcohol until it becomes like a paste.
4) Spoon the paste back into the compact & smooth out with cling-film.
Remove the cling film and leave the compact open to dry. This could take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. For best results, let the make up to dry overnight to allow the alcohol to evaporate and for the powder to become stiff and ready to use!
Tada, my DIY fixed blush. Such a proud moment!
Who say’s DYI is not for girls right? ;)


For years and years now people are always telling me….”Oh wow, do you know who you look like? That girl from American Beauty/American Pie!! What’s her name again”….So OK apparently I look like Mena Suvari. Well as a laugh I thought  I would copy a look of an imagine I found of her online and ask you girls…
What do you think: Me & Mena, do we look-alike? :)
Make up used for this look was very simple! 
Eyes: Coastal Scents 26 Blush Combo Palette – coral e/s, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk & Mascara 
Lips: MAC Plink! 

I’m interested to see your comments ;) 

Recent Beauty Adventures Tag

The stunning Selina from The Stalling tagged me to do this little fun tag. Definitely check out her blog, she is a newcomer and deserves a lot more followers!

My Recent Beauty Adventures:

Last mascara you bought:
MAC Zoom Lash, my HG mascara.

Last lipstick you wore:
MAC Plink! wore it today :)

Last look you wore that you LOVED:
That has to be my FOTN from May 2, 2010. Grey & black smokey eye. Love wearing dark eye makeup when going out! Va Va Voom :p

Last eye shadow you fell in love with:
NARS Night Star. I don’t actually have it (…yet). My friend owns it and as soon as I saw it I just knew I had to have it. She is hopefully picking it up for me (cheap) in Bangkok this week. Can’t wait to create some new looks with it.

Last blush you wore:
MAC Springsheen…and then I dropped it on the floor and it broke :( But I know how to repair them so that’s on my list to do.

Last time you washed your brushes:
On Sunday gave most of my brushes a good clean, I use MAC brush cleaner.

Last nail polish you removed:
Can’t quite remember. Haven’t been wearing nail polish in a while because my nails have been super brittle lately. They keep breaking and splitting :( So giving them a break from polish and upping my calcium intake, hope that will fix them!

You have to tag at least 5 other people, so I would love to see the following ladies to do the tag:
♥ Milly
♥ Tanya 
♥ Laura