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Sensational Sable

MAC Sable is one of my all time favourite eye shadows. I got this shade years ago and have repurchased it several times since then! MAC describes it as a Gold-Plum with bronze pearl (Velvet). It goes on super smooth, it’s blendable and it can be paired with many different colours. This is a must have eyeshadow!

My favourite ways to wear this eye shadow:
♥ I love wearing it alone with just some black liner on my water line, upper lash line and some mascara. So effortless but polished.
♥ Sable on the lid and a bright colour underneath the eye (I love a flash of turquoise. MAC Steamy e/s looks great under the eye with Sable on the lid).
♥ Sable & Woodwinked (golds) combination. E.g.: Woodwinked on lid & Sable in the crease (or reversed) or also Sable on lid and Woodwinked on lower lash line(or reversed).
♥ Dazzlelight or Shroom (a highlight shade) on inner third of the eye, Sable on the middle and Antiqued/Bronze/Twinks in the outer third.
♥ All that Glitters (or any other shimmery base colour) on the lid and Sable in the crease
♥ Sable on the lid with a darker colour (black tied, carbon) in the outer corner & crease.
♥ A brighter colour on the lid (usually green, purple or pink) and sable smudged right under the eye

Today I created a very simple Sable EOTD:

♥ Eyes:
NYX Jumbo Pencil – French Fries (base)
MAC Sable (all over lid, lower lash line & blended into crease)
MAC Crochet (on orbital bone/outer crease, blended into sable)
MAC Grain (tear duct)

MAC Carbon (outer crease)
MAC Smolder (waterline)
MAC Liquid Eye Liner (top lash line)
Nutrimetics Curvy Lash XL Mascara

On the lips am wearing Lancôme Juicy Tube in Pamplemousse. I tastes of pink grapefruit, yum!
I love pink grapefruits but because am on the pill am not allowed grapefruit or it’s juice, so this is a little indulgent way to enjoy the taste haha ;)

Also sharing a quick OOTD:
Wearing Country Road Black Skinny Jeans, Tan Boots, 

Bardot striped navy top & Country Road blazer.


Sharing Beauty Tips & Tricks from the experts!=

Here are some great little beauty tricks and tips from the leading makeup artists, hair stylists and dermatologists in the world right now!

“Don’t stop your make up at your neck; apply a soft wash of foundation to the area” Rae Morris, Makeup Director, L’Oreal Paris
“Do your eye makeup first. To prevent under-eye smudges, use a big blush brush to put loose powder under your eyes. That way, you can sweep it (along with any stray eye shadow) away after you finish.” Val Garland, Artistic Makeup Advisor, YSL

“Squeeze your eyelash curler at the lash roots and then pump the curler as you move outward toward the ends.” Dick Page, Creative Director, Shiseido Makeup

“To properly curl your whole head, separate the hair into three horizontal layers: bottom, middle and top. Start with the bottom layer and make sure you pull all the hair forward over your shoulders to curl it.” Sam McKnigh, Global Ambassador, Pantene

“As you get older, avoid dark lipstick. As you age, your lips sag and are more lined and harsh lipstick draws attention to this. Try softer colours” Rae Morris, Makeup Director, L’Oreal Paris

“When applying eyeliner, do your worst side first. That way it will be easier to match it on your “good” side. Val Garland, Artistic Makeup Advisor, YSL

 “If you have a cold, wear more blush than normal but try to steer away from a bronzer as this can go yellowy when you are washed out making the complexion muddy.” Charlotte Tilbury,Ccelebrity Makeup Artist
“Use the ring finger-the weakest- to pat concealer in place, that way, you won’t tug or pull the skin unnecessarily.” Laura Mercier

“A dot of pale gold cream shadow at the inner corners makes the eye look wide open and beautiful in the light.” Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estee Lauder

“If you love bold red lips but feel it’s a little OTT, apply the colour just in the centre of the lips, then spread it over the mouth with your finger so there are no hard edges.” Pat McGrath, Global Creative Design Director, Procter and Gamble

“Try a touch of eye cream on your lips at bedtime, it makes a great lip moisturiser” Bobbi Brown

“Apply lip liner after lipstick. The method helps to define the lips, keeps lipstick from fading and doesn’t leave you with that dated, over-lined look. It also acts as a guard against lipstick “bleed” and blends with your lip colour more naturally than if it were applied first.” Bobbi Brown
“Tired skin won’t absorb makeup. Spritz with facial spray before applying creams and powder. Gucci Westman, Global Artistic Director, Revlon
“Dad concealer on the outer corners of the mouth to give a lifting effect so you can look like you’re slightly smiling all the time.” Napoleon Perdis
“Remove any dead flakes of skin on the lips by using a cotton swab dipped in Visine (eye drops).” Brigitte Reiss-Anderson, Celebrity Makeup Artist

“Apply up to three mascara formula’s on lashes and you won’t need falsies. Start by defining them, then add either the volume or the length or the curl.” Bruce Grayson, Olay spokesperson & Celebrity Makeup Artist.

“Dab a damp cotton pad around the hairline and roots to eliminate any excess oil. If you wish, mist the pad with a light oil free fragrance or squeeze a few drops from a fresh lemon to give the hair that fresh smell.” David Babaii, Celebrity Hair Stylist.

And to finish off a sweet little tip from me:

Never respond to a compliment with anything deflecting or self-deprecating. It rips away all the joy and goodwill of the person giving you the compliment. Instead, smile and say, “Thank you so much!”


Happy Hump Day %

I really like this quote as it reflects my current state of mind.

Why? Well, I have recently made quite a BIG decision that leaves my future a little in the  unknown. Without sharing my full on life story (that could take a while to type up) this is  pretty much the basics:

I was born in The Hague, The Netherlands in 1984 and was raised there by my (100% Dutch) parents. After I finished high school I wasn’t quite ready to go to University yet and I loved the language English so I decided to take a gap year. I moved to NZ at 17 for this one year, attended an all girls school and lived with my mum’s cousins family in Auckland.  It was a great experience and I fell in love with the down under lifestyle….. & fell in love with a boy, sigh!
Isn’t this so the classic story :p
So anyways, after my year was up I had to go back home as had already enrolled in University back in Holland and this had always my ‘life plan’. But because of the guy I had met in NZ I was a little “confused”. I went back home and we continued a long distance relationship and he visited me in Europe after about 6 months. We decided I would quit university and move back to NZ to give our relationship a proper go & would see what would happen from there. I ended up being with this guy for almost 7 years and stayed in NZ all that time. We split up about just over 1 year ago, which was quite a difficult time for me. I was never really planning on going back to Europe when we broke up, I felt that NZ was like my home and this was where my life and friends now were. I did need a change of city so I moved from Auckland to Wellington and have been here for a year now.

Over Christmas my parents came to visit me (they do every 3-4 years or so) and ever since that visit my mind has been a little uncertain about what do I want & where do I want to live?!

Soo…after a lot (and I mean A LOT haha) of thinking I recently have made the BIG decision to quit my job in Wellington and go back to Europe for about 3 months. I want to spend some quality time back home with my family and see what life is like as an adult in Europe. The “plan” at this stage is to go back for 3 months (July/Aug & September – summer in Europe WOOP WOOP) and then most likely to move to Sydney, Australia after that

However, for the first time in my life I am not going to set things in concrete (I am quite the planner and organiser if you must know) and just see where life takes me. I have said to myself, Roz keep your options open. If you love it back in Europe just consider it, you only live once and I feel I once and for all need to decide where I want to live..
I need a time out, I have worked non-stop since was 18 and have got a good job now but I need time to just “be” for a bit and think about the things I want.
One of the things that’s on my “to do list” over this period for example is attending a professional make up course in London for a week! Just to see if makeup is something I want to pursue further & because I have such an “obsession” with makeup (duh).

Anyway, this was probably quite a long story and may not have interested you but felt it was quite a big decision and wanted to share it with you all.I will be leaving NZ at the end of June and time is flying by! (sooo much to organise) But I am excited (and a little scared) for what the future could bring me!

Who knows right? The world is my oyster :)


Gold & Brown Tutorial

Hey girlies,

I have done it, another tutorial! 
This time a Gold/Brown Eye look using MAC eyeshadows.

Please see the list of products I used below & watch the video if you want see how I created this look.  Every time I see myself on camera I still cringe (from embarrassment)…..but anyways at least I hope you all enjoy it :)

Why does YouTube always choose the most random shot for your “thumbnail picture”? Really charming….not! :p
List of products used:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid & Powder in NC20
Revlon Concealer
MAC Bronzer – Refined Golden
NARS Orgasm Blush
MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque (base)
MAC Woodwinked e/s (all over lid)
MAC Mulch (crease)
MAC Carbon (outer crease)
MAC Dazzelight (brow highlight & tearduct)
CoastalScents Gel Liner – True Black
MAC Smolder (waterline)
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara


NYX Round Lipgloss in Whipped