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Woodwinked FOTD

Woke up this morning to a txt from my friend Char in Abu Dhabi asking me if I was alright and safe with the tsunami warnings in NZ…I was like huh?! Apparently while I had been sleeping there had been a terrible earthquake in Chile (my thoughts are with the people there!) and now NZ was on Tsunami watch. Serious civil warnings on TV and Radio to avoid the beaches and some areas of the country were even evacuated! In the end we were all safe and beside some small surges and rising sea levels nothing much happened, phew!!!

My Sunday FOTD. I really like this look, but am sad because the photos don’t really show the effect of the pretty gold from the woodwinked :( But I think this look really makes my blue eyes POP!

Eyes: MAC Paint pot – Bare Canvas (base) // MAC Satin Taupe  (all over lid & lower lash line) // MAC Woodwinked  crease) // MAC Smolder eyeliner (waterline) // MAC Zoom Lash Mascara
Lips: NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss – Smokey Look

I  was quite productive today and did a (very necessary) de-cluttering exercise for my wardrobe. I sorted out all my clothes and put QUITE a few items I haven’t worn for ages or that no longer look right on me away for the “roz wardrobe sale”. I straight away had two friends round in the afternoon that couldnt wait to try on the massive selection of my clothes! It was so much fun and they managed to find quite a few items they liked which they got at bargain prices! Thanks girls :) Ahhhhh it feels so good to de-clutter…however……the dangerous thing is… there is more space again in my wardrobe….oh oh shops here I come ;)

Other than that I had a pretty relaxing weekend. What about you?


A pop of purple FOTD %

Decided to wear my new Augustine dress today. Such a gorgeous blue/purple-ish colour! Felt a teeny weeny dressed up for work, but hey it’s Friday and that’s un-officially “dress day” for me at work ;)

Curled my hair with my (beloved) GHD’s and did a gold eye with POP of purple!  I mainly used my Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette for this FOTD. The palette has a great mix of bright & neutral colours which are all very pigmented! If you don’t have one of these palette’s I would definitely recommend getting it.


Revlon Colorstay Concealer
MAC Studio Fix Fluid – NC20
MAC Studio Fix Powder – NC20
MAC MSF Sunny by Nature (Bronzer)
MAC Iridescent Powder – Belightful (highlighter) 
NARS Orgasm (Blush)


UDPP (base)
CS 88 Shimmer mix of # 1 &  2 –  (all over lid)

MAC Crochet (blending out the gold into the crease)

CS 88 Shimmer #  3 –  (lower lash line)

MAC Smolder eyeliner (waterline)
MAC Liquid Liner (black)
MAC Zoom Lash Mascara


MAC Blankety Lipstick
Forever 21 – Nude Lipgloss

Bring on the weekend! :)


What a transformation!!

Spotted this picture of Kelly Osbourne on the latest cover of NW Magazine. Wow what a transformation she has gone through!!

I am not really a fan of her or anything but I think she looks really good in the “after” picture and her hair and makeup looks super cute.  It’s amazing what a bit of tan and pink lippy can do for a gal ;) Go you Kelly!

Need your help?

Hello beauties
I am on the hunt for a new eyelash curler. The last few years I have happily used my MAC eyelash curler but before I just go re-purchase that one again I thought I’d ask for your help!
Do you have any suggestions?? I curl my lashes every day because think my lashes are kind of short and flat so the curler makes a huge difference. It is definitely a product I could not live without.
Look forward to hearing your suggestions!! Mwah xx

Happy Hump Day %

Another bad fringe morning…I have a real love/hate relationship with my fringe (aka bangs; which is what they are called in the US right?)
I think my face shape suits a fringe but then on days when it just doesn’t want to style properly I consider growing it out….then once it grows out, I get it cut again…It’s a constant cycle, sigh! ;)

So today to fix up my annoying bad fringe day I tried something new. I made two little braids just above my ears on both sides and then guided them across to the other side of my head and secured them with bobby pins. Result = a pretty braided headband. I like it!

My make up today was inspired by a look Natalya did for Valentine’s Day. Her makeup is always so beautiful and she does amazing tutorials; so definitely check her out on you tube if you haven’t watched her video’s before! I didn’t have all the shadows she used so I improvised : )


MAC Studio Fix Fluid – NC20
MAC Studio Fix Powder – NC20
MAC MSF Sunny by Nature (Bronzer)
Napoleon Perdis – Colour disk #92 Fuschia (Blush)


UDPP (base)
MAC Dazzlelight (all over lid)

MAC Scene (cut crease and outer V)
MAC Crochet (to blend out scene from crease to brow highlight)

CS 88 Shimmer Palette – Vanilla colour (under brow bone to highlight)

MAC Smolder eyeliner (waterline)
MAC Liquid Liner (black)

MAC Plink! Lipstick
MAC Lustreglass lip-gloss – Pinkarat


I love Coral +

One of my favourite colours is Coral. I find coral just really suits my hair colour, eyes and skin tone. It makes me feel vibrant, tanned and happy :) When I wear something coral I usually pair my make up by using MAC Paradisco eye shadow.  It’s one of my HG eye shadows. Paradisco is a bright pinky-coral with pearl (frost finish)
Today I was wearing a silky coral corset top so here is my FOTD to match:
MAC Painpot – Rubenesque (base)

MAC Paradisco (all over lid)

MAC Crochet (Crease)

MAC Mulch (lower lash line and a little in outer V)
MAC Dazzlelight (inner corner of eye & under browbone)

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (waterline)

MAC Liquid Eye Liner (top lash line)

Nutrimetics Curvy Lash XL Mascara



Lancome Juicy Tube – Lychee

I normally pair Paradisco with neutrals, golds, browns, plums and pink eye shadows. Do you own Paradisco and if so what colours do you match it with? Would love to know

Recent Shopping Haul

Some recent shopping purchases. I went a little “crazy” at Country Road (whoops). Love their 2010 Urban Career collection. I got:

Country Road Black Low Rise Skinny Jean

Country Road Black Dustin Leather Boots

Boots & Jeans together

I really needed some new black boots and just fell in love when I saw these! I have pretty skinny calves so I always struggle to find boots that are not too loose fitting around my legs. These black boots were a perfect fit and come up quite high, just below the knee. With no zips they are a bit of a mission to get on!! But once on, they fit like a glove. Will just have to remember not to wear these boots when out shopping or something because that would be a nightmare haha.

Country Road Black Long Line Double Breasted Blazer

Then I also got a dress from Augustine International. The designer, Kelly Coe, is an up and coming NZ designer. She is a close friend of one of my friends so we got to pre-order some of her 2010 Winter collection earlier last year. The dress I ordered arrived yesterday!

Elegantly Elle Dress

It’s a pretty purple/blue silky dress with heavy gold beading at the bottom. Initially I was quite worried to order something without getting to try it on, but tried it on last night and was happy with the look!

Now I need to avoid the shops for a while to save money :) I am off to Sydney (Australia) for a long Easter weekend in April so no clothes shopping until that trip!!!