MAC 15 Pan Palette

Exciting news! Received my empty MAC 15 pan palette via courier today. My goal this weekend will be to depot most of my individual MAC shadows to create my very own MAC template.


This has been on my list to do for so long! By doing this I will create lots of space in my make up case plus I can’t wait to return 6 empty plastic MAC items to their store to receive a FREE lipstick.

Will have to start thinking about which one to get, any suggestions?

2 Responses

  1. I have a big collection of empty containers that I will take to MAC soon, I should be getting 3 lipsticks yay! I am planning to get Vegas Volt, Lovelorn and Chatterbox, check those out! ;)

  2. Yes lovelorn is on my to get list!
    Am also thinking creme cup, do u have that one?