Kale salad with pomegranate, raisins and toasted flaked almonds

Kale seems to be the trendy green these days. So obviously I jumped on that bandwagon. But not only because it’s cool and good for you, it’s also actually really tasty! Kale can seem a bit chewy and though as a salad but if you ‘massage’ the leaves then it becomes a lot more delicious and tender. Here is one of my favourite salads using this healthy green, my kale salad with pomegranate, raisins and toasted flaked almonds!

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we all have two lives

We all have two lives..

Happy Hump Day everyone! Just a quick midweek motivational message from me today. I love this quote “We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realise we only have one!” Rachel from Nourish talks a lot on her blog (check it out!) about ‘inspiring the doers in this world to dream big, scheme, and take the steps everyday to design the kind of life they want to live’.  So I thought I’d share her 5 ways to ditch the life plan + start living.

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The Wildflower Cafe Notting Hill

I recently discovered a fab new cafe in Notting Hill. The funny thing is that I used to live just around the corner from Chepstow Road and in this slightly odd looking purple building (just up the road from The Prince Bonaparte) used to be a Thai restaurant that wasn’t quite on my faves list. So I didn’t pay much attention the spot. Silly me it proves, because little did I realise that in November 2013 the Thai left the site and it turned into the ‘The Wildflower Cafe’ which is a wonderful cafe / flower shop!

The Wildflower Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they are committed to using seasonal, fresh produce and creating beautiful meals from scratch. The lilac exterior of the building seems to have remained but now the outside is adorned with lovely flowers and plants that draw you into the cosy cafe / bistro. Oh, and if you happen to spot their delicious home baked cakes in the window then you are totally doomed – you will won’t be able to resist walking past the Wildflower Cafe!

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Handy tip: How to clean your Converse / Sneakers

If you’re anything like me, you wear your converse sneakers for just about any occasion: weekend fun, holidays, business, festivals, casual dates, you name it. You can even pull them off with a cute summer dress … except when they’re super dirty that is. Lucky for you, I have a handy little tip on how to clean them!

When they are just a tiny bit dirty, throwing them in the washing machine will get rid of some of the worst stains and scuffs, but if your converse sneakers are looking a little worse for wear and the machine has cleaned them but they still look a bit grey and not sparkling beautiful white like they used to be, then follow these simple instructions on how to clean your Converse / Sneakers and brighten up your shoes in no time! 

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Behind every successful woman is herself..

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far? I’ve been in my new job for just over a week now and am loving it. A new job means new people, new goals and new challenges which can all be pretty daunting. So when I saw the quote “Behind every successful woman is herself” the other day; it really spoke to me. It reminded me to always keep believing in myself because behind the success of most women would have been HER drive, HER determination, HER pushing herself and most of all her believing in HERSELF.

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Healthy Creamy Avocado Pasta Sauce

Avocados. I just adore them. They are delicious simply sliced on toast with a heavy sprinkling of salt, mashed up as guaca-mole-mole for dipping nachos or veggies into, cubed in a refreshing salad (like my favourite Mango Avo & Macadamia Salad) or made into smashed chilli avocado (recipe) served with perfectly poached eggs! Yumm.

Anyway, in this recipe I used my beloved avocado for making a delicious pasta sauce. The sauce is rich and super creamy but still totally healthy! Just simple and fresh ingredients like avocado, garlic, basil and lemon juice whizzed all together and you’ve got yourself a green and creamy but oh so good for you pasta sauce. I served mine with zucchini pasta but feel free to have it with regular pasta; because you are saving loads of calories already with this healthy creamy avocado pasta sauce because you’re not using any butter or cream!

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New toy – my MacBook Air

I spoiled myself with a new toy recently. Well it’s not really a ‘toy’. It is a super efficient tool for work, blogging and creativity: my new MacBook Air! I have to admit I am a bit of an Apple whore (excuse my language) as I have an iPhone 6, an iPad and now by new MacBook. My laptop before this was also a MacBook but it was back from like 2007, and even though it still worked pretty well, I felt I deserved a bit of an upgrade to congratulate myself on the new job! I am seriously loving my MacBook Air and how pretty is the marble skin I got for it?

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